Anyone Pro Abortion

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Lou - August 29

After looking at these threads most peeps seem to be against abortion, yet i can guaranty that most of these have never been pregnant and don't know how they would feel if placed in that situation. Some even say that even if they had been raped they wouldn't consider it as an option. i always used to say that i was against abortion until i found i was pregnant i was devestated and had an abortion i feel much happier now iand i feel that it was definately the right decision to be made. And now i would encourage girls that don't feel they are ready to bring up a baby to not keep it, or have it adopted (witch would probably be even harder) but to have an abortion.


Shorty - August 17

That would be a little irresponsible don't you think? No offence, but if you have decided to have s_x, you have basically aknowledged the risk of pregnancy, no matter what form of protection you are using. If you don't feel you are ready to have a kid, then you should be re-thinking whether or not to have s_x...that might have been the right decision for you ( or how you feel) but you can't encourage girls to murder their unborn babies just because they don't feel like having one.


Me - August 17

Personally I don't agree with abortions, apart from rape cases. I know I would have an abortion if I got pregnant through rape, but I can understand people who say they would still have the baby, for some people it's religous based. People know that s_x leads to pregnancy and if they don't want to protect themselves then they should deal with the consequences. Abortion is not a method of birth control. You can't just keep having an abortion everytime you fall pregnant - it's not safe.


brucen - August 17

By the same token, you shouldn't enourage girls to carry babies they are ill prepared. You can't just keep having babies everytime you fall pregnant, that's not safe either.


brucen - August 17

By the way to answer Lou's question: I am pro CHOICE, not pro abortion. I believe that every woman, no matter what I or anyone else thinks, should be free to make the choice about what she will do with her body without having anyone else pa__s judgement on a decision that clearly doesn't effect them.


Me - August 17

Brucen I was going to say I didn't like the phrase "pro abortion" as well. It sounds tacky. Pro choice is a much better phrase. You are wrong saying that it is unsafe to have a child everytime you fall pregnant. If a woman falls pregnant and has the baby she is much more likely to take a step back, weigh her options and protect herself from future unplanned pregnancies whereas just aborting a pregnancy each time you become pregnant is not safe.


lo - August 17

i don't think anyone is pro abortion lou


brucen - August 17

I am speaking of the health risks of having many children.


SaRaH - August 19

There are health risks either way. Multiple abortions or births. Both are hard on the body and should be taken seriously. :)


my opinion - August 20

Actually, it is safer to carry the baby, & either keep it or give up for adoption. Even if a woman makes the same stupid mistake of opening her legs 10 times & resulting in 10 differant pregnancies.The bible says go ye there fourth & "multiply".The purpose of s_xual intercourse is for REPRODUCTION , not pleasure. So I say if you abuse it, then choose it! (life , that is) just my 2 cents on the subject!


brucen - August 21

While I respect your opinion, it lacks factual basis. The fact is numerous and frequent pregnancies drastically increase a woman's risk of dying in childbirth. When a woman is able to time and space births, she can break this cycle, giving her body time to recover and increasing her ability to provide for her children.


Courtney - August 25

I don't think anyone can be truly for or against abortion. It depends on different situatins and circ_mstances, eg: in rape cases, abortion is most probably the right thing, and in some cases of accidental pregnancy, where known birth defects are present and wil cause hardship etc. But then again people shouldnt use it as a form of contraception (and believe me some people almost do). I think educated and sensible people will realise that abortion, although not 'right' is sometimes the best option. But on the other hand sometimes an excuse for ignorant people as a way out for their continual stupidity. If everyone was sensible, abortion could be available for only those circ_mstances where it seems the only sensible option :) Just my opinion :)


Shorty - August 25

I am finding this a constant discussion among this board, and the thing is, there is no way people can win other people on their side. If anything its society to blame for openly giving women this option. I dont think there is something called "Pro Abortion" As I don't think any women should be in agreeance with the practices and the moral dilemas that surround this issue, And in no way is it a fun thing to go thru. I know coz I have been there, and in no way was it something I wanted or was happy to go thru, as it was not a situation like "I was going to die while carrying this baby" but it still wasn't right. And I 100% Back up Courtneys opinion in this. The availability of this practice and the amount of girls turning to it because they were not ready to have kids... well how many girls come on here panicy that they might be pregnant without even using any protection at all!! Now that sickens me...


Courtney - August 25

Shorty, thankyou for your sensible opinion. Of course nobody should "agree with abortion". It comes down to people needing to be educated, knowing when abortion is sensible (even though not "right) and girls (and guys) needing to stop being stupid and having unprotected s_x! Shorty I have never had an abortion, but i can empathize, and imagine that no matter what your resons for having one, it would have been difficult. Good on you for having a neutral opinion and not being pushy and so called "for or against' abortion!


:) - August 26

It is statistically proven that abortions are over 4 times more dangerous to a females body then carrying the baby to term.....


Courtney - August 26

where do you get ur stats? And just remember, that stats only apply to the populaton norm that they draw the sample from! Not saying ur wrong, but most stats are misleading unless the full research report is read, even then they don't always apply :) Dont; let stats influence ur decision on something like abortion :)


Mich - August 27

I am not pro- abortion, but I am most certainly pro- choice. The world is overpopulated as it is and there are so many unwanted, unloved children out there. It seems a lot of people have babies without the knowledge of how much work and responsibility they are. They require a lot of money, time, and love- if you have a child and you're not financially stable, you work a lot. Maybe more than one job, therefore sacrificing your time with your child and possibly resenting them for requiring so much of it, and in turn they may feel neglected and unloved which may result in a clocktower with a machine gun as an adult- or something less serious, yet still unfortunate. Anyway, we are lucky that we have the choice to do what we want with our bodies. By the way, the bible has pa__sed it's expiration date for advice on life, people. Find another crutch to lean on.



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