Anyone Who Had A Summer Baby

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Amanda18 - February 28

So I'm due July 29th and I'm having a problem figuring out what clothes to buy and how many. Since it's summer I really have no idea what they should be dressed in, some sites say a onesie and a diaper is plenty and then some say put an extra layer on and it's just all very confusing. I know they have a hard time regulating body temp but it's usually between 90-102 and I cant see putting long sleeves and pants on him or her. And how many of everything do I really need? We were planning on getting a washer and dryer but then I priced out my nursery set up and I went kind of crazy so that's out for a couple months and I don't want to be at the laundry mat everyday. I'm really stuck on what I need for the summer and how many of everything and what freaking sizes (why does everyone say something differently?!!). I would ask my family but they'd say put him in a diaper and leave it at that (too laid back) and my dh's family have about 2000 people in it and would look at me like I was still in kindergarten! This is so scary! I walked into babiesrus the other day and had a damn anxiety attack because there is 900 different things of the same thing!


apr - February 28

ok, this is quite funny, because my ds was due july 30th 2006(he was born august 13th, but anyways). long long long!!! u cant put short sleeves on a newborn. i read that up until a month they cant keep their body temperature. so basically, i bought short sleeved undies, and long sleeved overalls. u need about 8 0-3 months. dont buy new born size, because they are for preemies. someone bought me 2 really expensive overalls that were newborn size and they lasted for 2 weeks. i could never put them on him again. so 0-3 months, although be careful not to buy too many, because they grow so fast at the beginning. I also bought him a few outfits, and they were such a waste of money, because it was always easier to dress him in an overall and be done with it. buy 1 outfit for starters and then see if you'll need later on then you can always buy. Seriously, I spent so much money, and half of the things he didnt even wear. It's much better to buy stuff for size 3-6 months because they wear it much longer, and then you also go out with the baby more at that age. so basically u need 2 layers (but not too warm) for a newborn baby. any more questions, feel free to ask


Loo-Loo - February 28

I just a load of them towelling material sleepsuits, not too thick.. and some plain cotton ones. My little one lived in them. And believe me he'll let you know if he aint comfortable!!!


Amanda18 - February 28

So basically what I need is a bunch of onesies in different sizes and a bunch of sleepers? I dont plan on going crazy with little pants or cute outfits just a few for when we go see family. No newborn clothes, some 0-3 and alot of 3-6?


Amanda18 - February 28

I found a list of needed clothing, 6-8 onesies, 4-6 sleepers, and 5-7 gowns. Is that about right? And I should buy this amount in every size excluding newborn? My poor baby is in there screaming "I'm not coming out , she has no idea!". And this is just clothes. Please pray for my fetus lol.


apr - February 28

gowns? what are gowns? sorry im not from the US.


apr - February 28

oh, and dont buy 3-6 months just yet, b/c the baby will need those for the winter season, and they probably wont have those in if u buy before august. if they do then u can buy. good luck


Amanda18 - February 28

They are little gowns, long sleeves and a open elastic bottom.... I've actually never seen a baby wear one before but all the checklists I've looked at have them on it.. I think I'll just get a couple extra sleepers instead. I'm not buying the 3-6 months clothes yet.. Just trying to get a picture of what I'll need. Thanks.


LaurenandAtticus - February 28

Lol I will tell you right now, you will need more than 6-8 onsies. That is probably what I started out with my DS and boy was I hurting. 1, they are not only comfy for baby, they are going to make things so much easier when changing baby. 2, my DS didn't use the gowns because they ride up a lot and make him uncomfortable, and they are hard to change baby when you get them ready for a it p__ses my DS off. 3, if you are having your baby in the Summer...this is just me personally but I wouldn't put my baby in a sleeper..just seems way too hot for that. I don't even put my DS in sleepers anymore because he overheats a lot, and it's hard to change his diaper after those nightly and AM feedings. Anywho, those are just my opinions...and onsies and pants work best for me. I do dress him differently when I take him out though, much more warmer. Sweatpants, onsie, zipup hoodie, socks, shoes, hat. Or I put him in his snowsuit with a onsie and socks underneath that. Anyway, you will know what you need when you have your baby and you get to know his/her ways better. Good luck Amanda!


jodie - February 28

I agree with will need alot more onesies...newborns poop through My son was 7lbs and he wore newborn stuff for at least a month. You could always buy a pack of newborn onesies just so you have them. If you don't want to spend alot of money than you can go to a consignment shop. As for the gowns I loved them at bed time because they weren't to heavy and it was easy to change diapers in the middle of the night without the inconvience of b___tons or snaps. It's kind of like a little dress. Good luck!


Amanda18 - February 28

See!! So many different opinions on what to use and how many and what sizes. My brain! lol. So more onesies, some newborn, gowns, less sleepers and some pants? I'm not worried money wise about clothes (I wont waste it on pretty outfits though) I'm just worried that I have enough of the right things. And that I dont freeze or fry him or her. I only have 21 1/2 weeks to figure all this out. I should have started months ago lol.


xoxticiaxox - February 28

Im a new mum too, and this question has been eating at me. I just asked my mum because I turned out fine...she told me that in the summer all my baby will want on her is an undershirt(onsie) and a diaper...of course if you are having your new born in the summer then you will need maybe a sleep ontop of that, a light summery one tho. Its all going to depend on your baby, so buy a few of everything...find out what works best for you, and then you can alwasy go back out and buy a few more of what you find it best.


lovestruckjsw - February 28

Wow! I'm due in August and I had no idea what I was in for as far as clothes go.... sounds like I have a lot to learn too!


maren - February 28

well my opinion dont wast money on newborn clothe just do the 0-3 month they might be big but...the baby will grow into them. I wouldnt dream of putting my daughter in long sleeves in summer unless it was a cold day. i agree you need about 15 onsies lol i had more than that i loved the colored/designed onsies because you pair them up with a pair of pants and bam you have a perfect summer outfit for baby...and if its really really hot take off the pants and bam you have a cute onsie. honestly go by what you think if your getting warm check on the baby if its warm take something of if your getting cold check baby if it feels chilled put a little sweater on it. she slept in little cotton sleapers the cotton ones i thought were thinner and we have AC so they were perfect



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