Anyone Who Has Experience With Plan B Pill Help

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SurferGirl - June 4

I APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW FOR THE LONG STORY.. Please forgive me :( I really need some advise or guidance from someone who has experience taking the plan B pill. Okay, so kinda a sketchy story. A year and a half ago I had my appendix removed and the surgeon found a cyst on my ovary :( they said they had "cleaned " it up, I'm not really sure what that means. I am still having stomach pain every morning because of not going pee for so long after being a sleep for half the night. A year later im taking pain killers and starting to get tests done to try and figure it out. So after my surgery i stopped taking birth control. The cyst scared me. I had reactions to a couple of birth control brands and was hospitalized when i was in highschool. Ive been with my boyfriend for two years, we have talked about starting a family. He is in school at the moment do we decided to wait a little longer. We have also be arguing alot recently, we are both struggling with addictions after having severe injuries. He usually will pull out or alot of the time he cant c_m because of the pain killers, which means its always about me :) ! definitly not a bading sometimes hehe! A day or so after my last period we were having s_x and he c_mmed in me alot and for a long time and very deep, i honestly didnt believe him that he did that, until i stood up. He had decided that he wanted to have a baby. We were right at the end of the 72 hour time period when we bought the morning after pill. He had realized it wasnt a way to solve our arguing. I obviously knew that, but felt taking the pill (for my first time) was like one step closer to havin abortion , and was against the whole idea and basically cried all night and he supported me, but by the end of it i took them. That was a week ago. I got a very light bleeding. The side affects said spotting within the first couple days. I didnt have any of them, i didnt have any symptoms. I don't really understand at all. If its my period its two weeks early. I never have irregularity. And usually when something says it makes u nauseas it makes me nauseas. ADVISE PLEASE !!!!!! SO CONFUSED!!


Grandpa Viv - June 4

Surfer, s_x on cycle day 6 is not likely to get you pregnant and you took PlanB before ovulation (CD14). The PlanB can easily cause a bleed a week after you take it, and that may mark the beginning of the next cycle. It sounds like you are practicing pull-out s_x, not too reliable. Have you considered Depo shots or an IUD? I suggest you run a home preg test a week from now when your period would normally have showed. You understand the problems with pain-killers and both need to talk to your doctors about a plan to avoid addiction. GL!



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