Are These Braxton Hicks

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xsarahx_18x - February 27

im not sure what it is but think maybe they are braxton hicks.. my stomach sometimes goes really tight n it feels like there is loads of pressure on it, sometimes its quite bad where i cant get comfy or even walk, but they are just uncomfortable not painful.. does this sound like bh contractions? thanks x


taraleej - February 27

how far along are you???


xsarahx_18x - February 27

im 30 weeks today.


taraleej - February 27

deffinalty sounds like bh to me...but keep a close eye ...just relax and take it eazy and dont worry this is completly normal


xsarahx_18x - February 27

ok thank you for the help, i was not to sure as i thought they were meant to be a little bit painful.


freebird - February 27

Keep drinking your water! Dehydration can cause you to contract. They really do sound like BH, but you don't want to start getting real ones for a few more weeks :) Good luck!


ChattyKathy - February 27

BH are usually painless for many women. The only sensation they notice is the tightening, like you described. Its normal for them to begin around this time, sometimes even earlier. When the real thing happens you'll feel the pain with the tightening.


SaraH - February 27

sounds like BH's. Also as Kathy said they often aren't "painful" but they can be too (mine have been painful for weeks). Just make sure you stay hydrated as that can cause them to be more frequent. If you start having a lot of them, more then 4 an hour, then drink a bunch of water and lie down on your side (preferably your left). If they don't ease up or go away when you lie down then you should get checked to make sure you're not in pre-term labor. Even if they are frequent and hard though don't freak out as although you should get checked out, it doesn't necessarily mean you are in preterm labor (I have days were I have them every 5 -10 minutes for a few hours and have had them frequently and hard since I was 16 w's, and I still hadn't had any cervical changes when they checked at 32weeks). Also a warm bath often helps BH's to ease up. So if your really uncomfortable w/ them try the drinking, lying down, and a bath. And if they get really frequent get them checked out, but over all they're probably not something to worry about. They just mean your bodies getting in shape for the delivery.


AbbiesMummyEm - March 1

I'm with everyone.. thats sounds exactly what they are :-)



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