Are You 14 15 16 Pregnant N Scared Ur Parents Will Kick You

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info - April 23

Are you a teenager and you are pregnant or think that you might be pregnant? You don't want to have an abortion but you want to look into other alternatives. Well I was searching for ultrasound clinics in my area and I came across some really great sites for confused pregnant teen girls. They help you with getting insurance, maternity homes, ulrasound, pregnancy testing and it's all for free. You can talk to somebody and ask for help. I hope that this information works for you ( Only for girl living in the united states) 1 number is international though. God bless you.. I hope that you make the right choice. If you live in the new york area, call this number 914-224-5773- They will give you numbers to clinics in manhattan, brooklyn, and the bronx. The give 3D and 4D ultrasound. ( If they ask how you got this number, say a friend refered you to it). New York area: Project reach 212-684-9257 They help with everything also. new york area- cross road foundation 718-667-6035. for people in different states and countries, you can try this website and phone # 1-888-550-7577 or 1-800-395-help. God bless you and the precious life that you now carry in your womb. I hope that this helps you.


leanna ree - April 23

i live in phoenix az do they have any where i live


Info - April 23

Leanna ree why don't you check out or call these two numbers 1-888-550-7577 or 1-800-395-help. I'll also find out first hand for you. Check back soon :)


Info re- leanna ree - April 23

Life choices women's clinic 6427 South Cental Ave phone # 602-305-5100 If there are any girls who wants information just post it and I will try to find it out for you- your friend-info


mia kelie - April 24

i have not told my parents i think i may be pregnant and i wanna see if i am i also live in phoenix az im 13 is there anyway to get there without them knowing they are big belivers in god and if i told them they would kick me out they really would they even told me they don't belive in teen who are pregnant or think they are so could you help me thank you bye : ) : ) : )


Info-mia kelie - April 24

I posted a number up there and add up there for phoenix Az, do you need something closer to where you are? maybe you could go after school. Your parents WILL NOT find out if you go. they have alternative options for you. I'm sorry I don't believe in abortion so I cannot help you with that, but if you feel like you really need help then just post it and I'll see what I can do. Do you want different numbers to clinics in the phoenix Az area? just post it and I'll get the numbers for you. Your friend-info


mia kelie - April 25

ok thank u. :-)



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