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Dr. Baby - January 19

When faced with a new baby a million questions are asked. At any age ready or not, pregnancy is happening. I have helped with over a hundred adoptions and i can say that this is one of the bravest and selfless acts i have seen in my life. It may not be right for everyone but there are millions of great people out there who just cant have kids. If your intrested or have placed a baby share your questions and storys. Please dont feel that is forum is ment to sway you in any way is is simply to help those intrested get some facts and hear some stories, so what ever you decide good luck with your future and the futures of the babys we are all talking about.


birthmom101305 - January 20

As you can see from my screen name...I am a birthmom (I've placed my baby) The family I chose is AMAZING and would not suggest anything but an open adoption. I was scared until I found my family for my beautiful baby girl. She was born 10-13-05 into their arms, and I stayed with their family until I could return to mine. Giving up a baby is insanely hard. If your daughter is pregnant, and you want her to give it up instead of keeping it, you are heartless. The pain is so intense, I didn't want to continue living. I did it for her. I knew that I could not give her nearly half of not only what she needed, but what she deserved. Evidently, most birthmoms are ashamed of what they have done, which is why I can't find any others....but I know that she is happy, healthy and beautiful in her home with my "extended" family.


TO BIRTHMOM - January 20

like i said i have a lot of respect for you! I am a mother as well both a current mother and a birthmom. At 16 i got pregnate and my daughter was placed for adoption. It is hard and you will always carry the pain of seporation but i am here to tell you that ther is a brighter day .... my daughter just recently turned 18 and we meet face to face for the first time...she told me all about her life more than the updates i had received and i am so proud of her. I told her she is the reason why i became a DR. and that nothing makes me happier to see that my decision has given her all the opprotunity she deserves. She loves her mom and dad but i have a feeling that i will get to be a part of her life as well. I have two boys at home both teenagers and my husband had been nothing but supportive throuhg our entire lives about her he was as excited to meet her as i! Anyways i know the pain and its going to be there but your thinking right it was about them (her) not us and in the end as a birth mom all we can do is think about our babies. My prayers are with you and remember God has big plans for us all just let him work and in the end all will be revield! We are not ashamed girl, we gave up the world so the world could see our babies blossom!



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