Are You Pregnant My Husband And I Would Like To Help You

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Chrystal - May 16

Please, think about all of the options as clearly as possible before you make a decision. Think about those of us that would love to be just like you - pregnant. But, we can't. God may have put you here to help one of us. Consider that you can talk to your baby and ask them if they choose to go to a home where someone will love them and where even you would be able to know them and know what's going on their life or if they want to die. If you will consider us to adopt your baby you will never wonder about this child. You will as involved as you wish to be. We are the adoptive parents of a son from Russia. He was 10 mos at adoption and he is now 6 years old. I am so thankful that his mother chose life and we were chosen. Wouldn't you like to make him a big brother? Your baby would be lucky to have him and lucky to have us. Most of all, they would be lucky to have a mother like you. Please e-mail at [email protected] if you can help us and if we can help you.


Donna - May 16

so are you asking people if they want someone to apopt there baby ???


Jill - May 16

Sounds like their trying to guilt girls into giving up their babies.


Donna - May 16

thats what i thought when i first read it


Regina - May 16

They should go back to Russia maybe the Russian girls take better to guilt trips.


Jen - May 16

As an adoptive parent..I thought the same thing. How do you know that your baby would do better in another home? How does she know God would want that for your baby? I feel bad, I want to adopt but Chrystal where is your head?.


Alanna - May 16

where do you live? Im not sure yet i have a complicated story but please email me [email protected]


Jen - May 16

Alanna..I am from NJ. Check out my site


paula - May 16

Why dont you do it the responsible adult way, go to an adoption agency. OMG people these days.


Jen - May 17

I do think this lady is nuts but there are many other ways to adopt a baby/child and not go through an adoption agency. Also, while waiting for an agency to find you a match, some people (like us) try to find a situation on our own. You can still go through an agancy if you find your own match, its called and identified adoption or you can go through an attorney.


chrystal - May 17

I would do anything for another child, I would go as far as buying one on the black market. You girls got it so easy with having babies. It wont happen for me so I will do what it takes to get one.



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