Arrgh Horrible Cramps I Think Im Gonna Cry

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abriamiacadia - January 19

Ahhhggggrrrhhh. Having bad cramps :( 9 weeks pregnant. Mom says I cant take hot baths anymore :( and thats what i did when i had bad cramps...dont have a heating pad..i dont think. Any ideas on how to sooth my pains. This is normal right? lol. All these restrictions and i cant do nothing to stop the pain. And dont ANY of you say, you shouldnt have gotten pregnant. lol. I think i've had it up to my head w/ that. I know i shouldnt have but i did. Cant change that now can i?


hailey07 - January 19

have you talked with your dr? i am sure that he or she may be able to give you some tips. why can;t you take a hot bath again? do you take extremely hot baths? like hot tub temp? i havent heard of not being able to take just a warm bath while being pregnant. you might try rubbing your tummy or trying to just meditate. but if your cramps are so bad that you think you are goign to cry i would talk with your dr.


ChattyKathy - January 19

You can't take hot baths because of the heat which means you cant use heating pads either, hun. If the cramps are that bad then maybe you should talk to your doctor about them. I'm 8 weeks and not experiencing anything like that.


abriamiacadia - January 19

LOL unfortunatly i dont have a dr. yet. I went to an appointment and thought it would be a dr. apptment but i just had a sonogram. I take pretty hot baths I hate being cold. Mom says they can start early contractions. that'd suck lol. My first dr. appointment is on the 31st..which seems like FOREVER away.


Amanda18 - January 19

Hot baths are my cure for everything. You dont have to stop taking them because your pregnant just dont make them very hot or stay in until your uncomfortable. I take baths nightly and they are pretty warm but I know when my body is heating too much and get out. Just be careful, dont stay in until you sweat or turn red etc.


tennesseewlkr07 - January 20

i experienced really bad cramps early on for no reason, so i just took warm baths, nothing hot enought to turn my skin red or anything but warm enough to relax my muscles


meggerz25 - January 22

If you are afraid to take a warm bath, just take a washcloth with warm (not scorching) water and put it on your stomach. It usually helps when I get period cramps, so I don't know if it will help with these, but I guess it is worth a shot. I hope it helps and I hope you feel better hun.


Meghan - January 23

wow, I wish someone would have told me no hot baths! I am 32 weeks and have been taking hot baths all through my pregnancy. as for your cramps you are safe to take tylonol or if your in england you can take paracetimol.


YoungLove - January 23

Get someone to rub slow circles over your belly. Oh. My. God. It feels so good. I find it helps.



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