Ashamed Of You Teenagers By A Teenager

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despicable - October 15

Im 16 and pregant because the condom spilt so i took the morning after pill just to be safe but obviously didnt work. it anoys me that some of you are so irasponable and only care about yourself ,and by some of your posts, i can understand why you get abuse from other people on the site. you just show how imature you are. your the people who give teen mom's a bad name, no wonder why we get dirty looks. I have meet some nice teenage moms tho, your not all bad!


to despicable - October 15

Thanks Nikki, well I'm ashamed of you despicable. You know i never quite figured out what pregant meant but i guess you did. You are bashing people that you claim are "irasponable" but yet you took the morning after pill...hmm sweetie check yourself before u try to down other people


anne - October 15

you are a s___t just like all the girls on this site. you people should stop thinking with your hearts and use your minds for a moment. quit letting these little h__y boys who claim they love you use you. its just not worth it. if you can resist boys then get on brith control. i do think that if you're just having s_x like once out of like a year then condoms are ok by themselves. but even then if you really don't want to get pregnant or are in a long term relationship where a lot of s_x is involved then you should get on birth control. although most cases dont end up like this a large percentage of you girls (or all girls who are having babies that are not on this site) are going to be left to take care of your babies alone. some of you may not even make it that far and decide to abort or put your babies up for adoption. my point is that it shouldn't even get that far. teenagers shouldn't be having babies because in this society they just aren't ready whether it be finacially, emotionally, or mentally. And to you ignorant girls who are trying to conceive i hope you thought about how For chicks who 18 and older and pregnant, just because you're 18 or older doesn't make you an adult yet. if you can't take care of yourself then how do you think you can take care of a baby. on the other hand, if you can then good luck.


Oprah - October 15

look sweetie, You don't have to be ashed of me, try looking at yourself in the mirror. You are a teen and are having an unplanned baby. that sound immature and irresponsible, at least to me. don't come on here like you're better than any one else. As a matter of fact that goes to all you people on here who called me a s___t. i am really not. I just like to have s_x. I don't see any of you down talking the boys who got us pregnant like they are so innocent. I am 17 and pregnant and I feel like I could be just as good as a mother as any of you despite how my baby was concieved. in other words, how you get pregnant doesn't matter, what's important is how you make sure your baby is taken care of.


Nikki - October 15

Anne, I'm 18 and pregnant. Who are you to tell me I can't take care of myself? I'm sorry but I live in my own apartment across town from mommy and daddy, work full time and go to college without any help from my parents. I have been taking care of myself since I graduated high school and have been doing quite well at it, so dont tell me what I can and can't do. Just as I have taken good care of myself without help of my family (financially, they are extremely supportive), I plan on taking good care of our son. The father and I have been together for a long time and had s_x as two consending adults without birth control because we knew the risks and were going to be happy with whatever life lead us to. I'm 6 months pregnant, hun. I do not plan on aborting or adopting, thank you.


Melissa - October 16

You girls that r responding need to chill out! I am sure "despicable" wasnt aiming her thoughts at you.......she is probably reffering to girls that are like "I'm 14 and pregnant by a 12 year old"....and "I use the turkey baster every day".....or all r so touchy......


Rosie - October 16

exactly! and the morning after pill does not harm an baby if you are already pregnant, maybe you are the people who need to research before thinking your all mature!


DadeCounty_Lilmama - October 16

Hey im 16 too. I don't know if i might get pregnant yet. I like the way you speak yo mind you kool peoplez.


critter - October 16

i got pregnant when i was 18 and had an abortion. i don't think i was being selfish at all. sometimes even when people take measures to prevent pregnancy, it still happens. i got an abortion becuase i knew i wouldn't be able to provide for a baby when i had nothing and was on my own for the first time. if i would have had the baby adoption just would not have been an option.


k - October 16

I think that everyone needs to chill out, O.K. Nikki you are a bad a__s 18, lets see if the guy sticks around, and to the rest all you guys are teens, I am older then all of you guys. I just think you need to finish school first because your grammer is horrible, and Nikki you are a legal adult yes, but lets see your "borfriend" marry you and actually stick around for the real challenge! Don't count your chicken's before they hatch.


to K - October 16

how do you have any right to tell this girl her boyfriend wont stick around. you dont know her or him. i am 18 myself my boy friend is 19 and we have known eachother since school and he has been there for me always now we are a couple and have been for over a year. we have a savings account im a student nurse and he is a product engineer and we have a flat wich we pay for ourselves and friends, loving familys and a future. We may still be young and we do know that but i have fallen pregnant on the pill due o antibiotics i was taking. it was irresponsible for me not to realise that i could fall pregnant but non the less it happend and neither of us could be hapier. it may not be ideal but i can tell you now all we are doing is starting a life we would have had sooner than expected. my parents got married and had me at 19 they went on to have 3 more children good jobs a fantastic house and a very happy marrige. so i think you will find you are very wrong. teen moms should not be looked down on i will do a very good job of raising my child and my boyfriend will be by my side every step of the way. stop judging and slagging off teens. why did you even come on here. To all the girls who are pregnant dont let anyone think less of you because we have something amazing happening just a bit sooner than expected.



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