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Christy - February 21

I am 22 and I have a one year old. I had a midwife at home (which is different) but I probably can answer any questions and give my opinion and maybe help. Even if you want to blow off some steam, that's fine too.


christy - February 22

Any girls have a question about pregnancy. I am sure I can help. I read TONS during my pregnancy.


Maria - February 22

Hey christy how are you doing? i have a question to ask. Okay me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x 2 times in a day...and he came inside of me those 2 times...i'm getting worried now because i havent gotten my period in 1 month. Is there a possibility that i'm pregnant? By the way i'm 15.


susanZZZ - February 22

hi christy is it possible to be pregnant even if u havnt missed a period, a friend told me that her mom conveived a couple days before her period and then had her period but the next one was skipped... im scared cus a guy took advantage of me when i was drunk and je didnt use protection .. i started my period a couple days later ..could i still be pregant..i jus havea feeling that wont go away!!


Audrey - February 22

susanZZZ- If you were only a few days before your period it's not likely that you are pregnant. But if the guy "took advantage" of you, he should be reported to the police.


TO maria: - February 22

Well, here's some info......... Doctor's say you are fertile around day 14 of a 28 day cycel. Remember your cycle starts with the first day of your period. Let's say it's 30 days from the beginning of one period to the start of the next. Now count back 14 days. You would be fertile around day 16. If you had unprotected s_x around that time you could definately be pregnant. Go to the store and buy a pregnancy test and see. Then let me know how it goes. Good luck!!!!!!!! Also at 15, periods can be sort of irregular, so you will have to take a test to know.


to susanZZZ - February 22

Ok, it is possible, but usually the period is much lighter than normal. You may only bleed for one day or so. In odd cases a person may get their period like normal for a couple of months, while they are pregnant. How long is your cycle? If this happened to you within five days on either side of your expected day of fertility you may want to take a test. If you have anymore questions, or if I can help you figure this out further..... let me know. Hey, take care


to susanZZZ - February 22

PS I don't think your pregnant, since you had your period just days later. YOu would most likely be fertile 2 weeks before your period, not two days.


me2005 - February 22

hi, im 17 and i had s_x around my most fertile days. im now due on but i havent had a period. i got kinda sore nipples and i feel a bit sick sometimes. im not sure if im pregnant as there are very few symptoms. could i be??


to: me2005 - February 22

It certainly sounds like you could be. I had the same early symptoms, however some symptoms could be in your head since you're worried. About three times I have been sure I was pregnant, because I've been feeling sick (etc.) and found out I wasn't. Even sore nipples can be hormonal just before your period. I would get a pregancny test and see. Either way, let me know.....


Jessica - February 22

My boyfriend and i have had s_x about 10 times in three weeks without a condom. He never goes in side of me but i'm a teenager and stressed. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative, but i'm not due until the beginning of march and it's only feb. 22. What do you think?


to: jessica - February 22

A pregnancy test won't show anything until the day of your expected next period pa__ses. Sometimes pregnancy tests can not sense that you are pregnant for even a week after. If he didn't go in you that doesn't mean that you are totally safe. If some s____n might have gone inside you accidentally while playing around, there is the VERY small chance of pregnancy. My bet, however, is that you are not pregnant. Just wondering, have you thought about using protection in the future? That would help with your stres. Hope I helped!


chris - February 23

I hope I was some help to you. Good luck all


Angelina - February 23

I have a friend who has a 1 1/2 year old. i promised that i wouldn't tell any one, but i think i should and on top of it she thinks that she is pregnant again her 'rents don't know about her daughter do i tell some one or no?? my cousin is in the same spot HELPP!!!!!!!!!!


to Angelina - February 23

Wow! If your friends parents don't know about a 1 1/2 year old Grandchild...... they must not be very close to their daughter. That is their problem, for not working on their relationship with her. NO, I don't think you should say anything....... it would put you in the middle of it. Unless a child is living at home, I don't think you are obligated to talk to the parents..... most of all you need to encourage your friends to talk to their parents. Anything that you do cannot fix a parent/child relationship that is THAT bad. It sounds like you're a good supportive friend. Keep it up..... and remember not to make other's problems your own. *smile*


to: Angelina - February 23

If you want to tell me more of the details you can e-mail me at [email protected] I'm curous why you want to talk to your friends parents now..... a year and a half later. What has changed?


me2005 - February 23

ok thanks for your help christy, i took a test today it came out with one strong pink line and a second very faint pink line! it was a first responce test. now im confused am i pregnant or not??! ahhh!



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