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Chris - February 24

I am 22 and I have a one year old. I had a midwife at home (which is different) but I probably can answer any questions and give my opinion and maybe help. Even if you want to blow off some steam, that's fine too.


becca - February 24

thanx :) its nice to have someone who is actually here to give advise not start petty arguments im nearly 39 weeks pregnant and scared to death about labout and birth any advise i dont think i can do it


Audrey - February 24

Becca- Labour, like pregnancy, is different for everyone. I have two girlfriends, one said her labour was 5 hours and no problem, the other said it was 20 hours. During the last stage of labour the doctor will usually give you an epidural (a needle in the back for painkillers) but it can temporarily paralyze you if not done properly, which happened to my sis-in-law. Some hospitals have other options like a warm water bath to ease the discomfort. Check with the hospital to see what will work for you. Your body is made for this job so if you relax it won't be as bad. Best of luck!


from Chris to Becca - February 24

Becca I know I was scared too, but the biggest thing to realize is that you CAN do it. If you go into it doubting yourself it will be much harder. TRy and think about other more "wimpier" people that went through labor fine, and realize your strenth. My labour was 23 hours long......... very long, but you know it was ok! The biggest thing is to not panick and realize labor is natural...... it is not a medical problem, and to tak it one contraction at a time. Try and stay at home until your closer to the end of it. I went to the mall, while I was in labour........ and walking TOTALLY helps make the baby come out easier, plus it distracts you. I had my baby in a jacuzzi which was awsome. Water births..... or taking a hot bath during the end of your labour halp alot. Every contraction we turned on the jets, which really helped. Ummmmm, I didn't have any drugs, and your body works better it it is not numb, so that's something to know. Be determined to do it without drugs, it will make you mentally more of a fighter. Labour will just "happen"........ no fears! Your spunk and strong personality will get you through it just fine! And congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best.... let me know how it goes (I'll say a little prayer)............. OH yah, I also played cla__sical music to help me relax. Just an idea.


to becca - February 24

Did my answer help? I was just wondering what are you most scared of?


chris - February 25

Any more questions anyone?


Jessica713 - February 27

well, i'm 16 N this is would be 1st child, i'm not sure if i'm pregnant yet. i've been having unprotected s_x N my b/f has been ejaculatin in me. i use the birth control shot but i haven't had it for a month and a half N i finally got it on friday. my mom made me. my question is, is there possibility of me getting pregnant and if i am, is the b.c. shot bad for the baby?!?!?


Broadnax - February 28

Well ah i am 8 weekz and is it possible for me to already have a pooch, this will be my first child?


to Jessica - March 1

It is very possible for you to be pregnant, and the birth control hormones are not good for a baby if you are. You need to ask your doctor about this, because I don't know any details. Sorry I can't help more.


to broadnax - March 1

Every one's body shows at different times. If you have gained alot of weight you probably will have a more obvious pouch. It also depends on if you are small and skinny.


Broadnax - March 1

Well ah i WAS skinny but now i have gained 4 pounds already


to Broadnax - March 2

Don't worry that is totally normal. I gained 20 pounds in my first three months. One friend of mine is only eight weeks and has gained around 10.


ty - March 9

i think iam pregnant. i am 19 day late with my period i took a test on 2/27/05 and it was negative. i have all the symptoms and the line appears to be going up my belly. i also feel a hard knot at the top of my stomach. i just started my job so i dont have time to go to the i pregnant?


becca - March 9

hey well now im 40 + 4 days and still waitin i dunno i think i was scared of the un known but now im not im just excited and cant wait yes thnx ur reply did help :)


chelsea - March 9

i had s_x on the 4th and 5th of this month, last month i got my period on the 22nd. I was supposed to be ovulatiing do you think i am pregnant? How soon can i take a test. Im scared to be preg. but at the same time i want to be. Is is really hard.. waht r the 1st symptoms? thnx chris


lizzy - March 9

hi could i please ask a question about the contraceptive pill that i am on...last monday i had unprotected s_x with my bf and i have taken all my pills for the last 1 and 1/2 months properly never missing one and all at the same time..however i had loose bowel motions once on monday and once on tuesday we had unprotected s_x again on tuesday could i be pregnant? i went to the doctors as i needed anti biotics for what they call honeymoon cyst_tis and the nurse told me to not have a break for my period and to continue with the next pack which is what i have done. i am so worried that i am pregnant. i did a test it was negative but apparently it was too early to do a test anyway. please help. i am on yasmin. also when u take ur pill packets back to back without a break do u still get period symptoms such as moodyness back ache and light stomach cramps?


chevonne - March 22

My doctor said I was having a boy but he has not showed it to me on the ultrasound



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