Asking Girlfriend To Take Emergency Contraception

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concernedaboutthefuture - February 25

I had s_x with my girlfriend for the first time last night and I used a spermicidal condom. After ejaculation, I realized that the condom had broken. I immediately asked her to go wash up. She is currently on her period. She reports that she has her periods for at least 9 days. (which I think is strange) She also reports that her cycles can be completely random. I had s_x with her on the 5th day. I feel horrible that my first time ended up like that, and now I'm faced with another issue. What are the chances that she gets pregnant? Should I ask her to go to the doctor and get EC? Should I ask her to do this even though her parents would freak?


Mommy - February 25

I doubt that she is pregnant, but her story sounds a bit shady. Sorry your first time was kinda traumatizing. If you are old enough you can take her to a health department yourself and she can get it without telling her parents. Try not to stress to much, it's unlikely she's pregnant.


maren - February 25

well why would her parents know depending on her age she doesnt have to tell them she is going to the doctor. The chances of her getting pregnant while on her period are low but they are still there. If she feels worried about it then she should get EC but you really sould talk to her about this concern. Just because you want her to go get EC doesnt mean she has to if she doesnt think she is at risk she probably wont get it. So you should probably talk to her about it and tell her how you feel and that your a bit worried


Grandpa Viv - February 25

The spermicide on the condom is not much help. A good dose of v____al spermicide (foam, insert, film) would have given you an extra margin of safety. The chance of pregnancy on CD5 is very low, maybe 1 in 100. Please help us understand why teens have such problems with breaking condoms. They should not be carried around in a billfold for weeks, nor be left in the heat, or used past the use-by date. They should not be used with lubricants other than water based, and care should be taken not to damage them while removing from the package. When putting the condom on the p___s, some slack should be left a the end to accommodate the c_m, but the slack should not contain any air. The p___s should be removed from the v____a while still erect, with care being taken to remove the condom at the same time. Try to use double protection from now on, and stay away from the 5 days before and two days after she ovulates, if she can figure out when that is. Happy hunting!


Jbear - February 27

Another thing about condoms...if you're not circ_mcised, your foreskin needs to be retracted when you put the condom on. Otherwise it will slide back and take the condom with it, using up the extra space that you left for the c_m. (at least that's how my husband and I broke a couple)


jg - February 27

It's good that you used a condom, but if you really don't want to become a father just yet, don't have s_x. And don't ask her to do something that her parents would not approve - that's just not fair.


angel - March 1

thats only a choice you and she can make if she doesnt want to take it ou cant make her.... be more careful next time



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