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abriamiacadia - February 28

My baby feels like its moving closer to the top of my stomach, cause i was having a pain, then i put my hand on it and pressed down and felt the baby. Then I was like TREVOR (my brother) Feel this, and he put his hand on it and pressed down and hes like WHOA thats like the first time ive ever felt something on someone..and it was all cute.. My brother may not be able to have his own children, so it kinda makes him feel important to be around me during pregnancy.. I swear I love all this male attention. First from Nathan, my man...Then Daddy...its awesome, I cant believe he's talking to me again. =D and then My brother. We've always been close, then he left, and now he's back and he's all protective.. This is like perfect! I love all the men in my life!!!!!


Noodle - March 2

Its so nice to hear about something going right for once. Im so pleased your getting to really enjoy and appreciate this pregnancy. When i was having my first i was made to feel so ashamed, i hide my bump from the world, no one saw it, no one talked about it and i couldnt really get excited about it. it kinda came as a shock when i had her, that everyone swanned around to congratulate me! it did put me into a depression that was difficult to deal with to begin with. Its not something i would want anyone to feel. Im so pleased your men are all so supportive, make the most of it and get waited on a bit!


abriamiacadia - March 2

Ha ha yeah something is going right lol. Im happy about the pregnancy, but im still not enjoying it yet, I just love watching the faces of my family and friends when the touch my belly and think..YAY a new baby to babysit lol. And dont worry, i plan on getting waited on ;p


Meagan18 - March 3

That's great! I'm glad to hear something happy on here lol. Having great experiences like this makes the pregnancy and having the baby more enjoyable and creates more love for all!! boy if that doesn't sound mushy!! lol - congrats anyways!



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