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Baby Lova - March 14

Babies are great. They are fun, cute, cuddly, yet it CAN get tough at times. If your thinking of getting pregnant/getting your girl pregnant, and you know your ready than hey, all the power to ya! BUT, if your NOT ready than wait! No matter WHAT the's up to you most of all to decide to try to get pregnant. Good luck to all of you. To those whom are pregnant/have babies, stay strong and healthy, you can make it no matter what!


Name - March 15

I love babies. I have one, and I am 21. I would not give her up for a darn thing!


NE - March 15

'Babies' turn into toddlers, schoolchildren, teenagers, adults. But many silly people don't think ahead to that. They just see a cute baby to show off to their friends.


Short Chick - March 15

I wish more kids realised that having a baby does not mean the same as having a pet/doll/mobile/whatever. It's much more difficult and is a lifelong commitment, or at least it should be. As NE points out they grow up, the question these kids should be asking themselves is am I good enough to be a Mum? Not, would I like a baby? I think one of the most accurate things I've heard on this subject is the phrase: Anyone can be a parent but it takes a special person to be a mum/dad. Think about it before rushing in. (mind you i already know the kids this applies to won't bother and will end up having their babies out of spite or stupidity or both!)


Baby Lova - March 15

I think that if you want to have a baby then go for it, BUT know what your getting yourself into FIRST! I am not saying if your 14, and sleeping around trying to get pregnant, that it's a good thing, nor am I saying it's bad. I am not on here to down size people for being teens and pregnant/have babies. If you become pregnant, no matter what age, it's because God wanted you to. He gave you that little gift from heaven, and even though it may seem hard, he is always there to help no matter what. To those non-believers I don't know really what to say. Good luck to all.


RE; Baby Lova - March 15

If you are a believer in God then you know he does not believe in people having s_x before marriage and bringing illegitimate children into the world and having NUMEROUS s_xual partners like many of the girls on this site.


Baby Lova - March 16

To : RE; .....Okay first of all I did not say it was okay to have numerous s_x partners to get pregnant....Second of all if you look around there are not many people (believers and non-believers) whom have not lost their virginity before marriage! If God did not believe in un-wed moms bringing children into this world, then why would he give them children? I know he discourages it. So next time before you jump to your rudness LOOK AROUND! I may have a dumb name as my name thing on here...but that DOES NOT mean I am dumb! So next time you a__sume so and say something rude like in your post....think first!


D - March 16

GO UHM!!!!


Baby Lova - March 16

To Uhm and D, sorry that you are non-believers obviously....but there is no need for you to jump on here and be p__sy. Like I said will be rought no matter what....


Baby Lova - March 16

Tough is what I ment to say earlier...sorry typo....


Uhm - March 17

Its not that Im not a 'believer' I just don't believe God is helping me raise my child. Yes he blessed me with her, but he isn't helping me ONE bit in raising her.


WAIT..... - March 19

Wait wait wait now.. Isn't it also that God says "Thou Shall Not Judge"? He also forgives your sins. No I'm not saying yeah got out do w/e you want the go to church sunday morning and act like nothing happend. God has things happen for a reason. I had my son at 17 and I truely believe with out him here now I would be in serious trouble. The people I were hangin with and the things I was doing. Yes I believe in god, but no i'm not doing right by the bible as far as s_x b4 marriage. But I also refuse to act like these so called christians I mention above that sin and act like the perfect angel coem church sunday morning!


cook - March 31

i think when i woman becomes pregnant \there should be some sort of "legal" agreement, that the woman is told that if she knowingly knows that the father is NOT going to be around or DOESNT want anything to do with it, she should have to sign a legal aggrement aknowledging that she is a sole parent and SHOULD not expect anything, including money from the father .. if the father is present that this so call "hearing" and agrees then decides to "run out", yes, he is responsible .. this is ridiculous all these jealous sabotaging women ruining mens lives (for the next 18yrs) can get away with it, and the father can do what ? sometimes pushing a woman down the stairs would seem the only viable option to get rid of it ... BTW i am a woman ..


jadi - March 31

in my boyfriends case he stayed with his ex for the whole 9 months, stood by her , was there for the pregnancy, and after she was released, broke up with my boyfriend .. he now has to pay child supposrt for a child that he isnt allowed to see more then twice every 2 weeks ... i dont see what his obligations are to pay, she obviously thought she could do this on her own .. so why apply for child support ?


Cindy - April 1

I too have a baby. He's 2.5, I'm 20. I am married, married a yr before I got PG. My husband supports us just fine, I stay home with Erik. Being a parent is a lot of work but totally worth it. Unless you are in a stable relationship, living on your own then use protection. Enjoy being a child, finish school and go on to college. Get married and then have children. GL to all of you!


Shannon - April 3

I am 18 and expecting a baby in November. Now to the comment to the person who said that you know he does not believe in people having s_x before marriage and bringing illegitimate children into the world. Grow up, i beleive in God, and i am pregnant before mariage! Seriously, what kind of person judges anyone because they are pregnant or having s_x before they are married! My father is a church pastor and he is no where as critical to you. So shove it up your A$$


To 'Cook' - April 4

Are you serious? If a man doesnt want a baby he shouldnt have s_x and shouldnt be given the option of not supporting his children. Don't be ridiculous.



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