Baby Blues

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SAD - April 2

When does the crying stop? I keep feeling really lonely even though l got lots of support. I keep crying and dont know why. Am l going mad?


Joy - April 2

why do you cry in the first place?


sad - April 2

l dont know, thats wot is getting to me. my baby is nearly 4 weeks old and everything is going great but every now and then l get really low and cry. my mum and boyfriend ask mwe wots wrong but l dont know. is this normal or have l got post natl depresshion. lm so scared lm losing it.


Ari - April 2

i went through the same thing, in the beginning i would cry, i dont know y, maybe cuz i was stressed out, wasnt getting enough sleep, baby kept crying, maybe it is post natl depression?


? - April 2

yes it is normal to cry a lot because your hormones are still on a roller coaster. It will pa__s you will be fine. best wishes.


anon - April 2

Might be postpartum depression. its not as bad as it sounds, try talking to ur doctor about it.


Krista - April 2

Hey hun, i am goin thru the same thing... if u wunt e-mail me at [email protected] or if u have AIM pleese im me at Xlotzolov3X my name is krista!


Lisa - April 3

Don't ignore these symptoms, your body has been through a lot of changes during the last 12 months or so and post natal depression is very common, it also comes in varying degrees of severity, some women are more affected than others. Its great that you have your mum to support you, but sometimes that's not enough, you may need extra support/medication if it becomes worse. Its really important to take care of your emotional health as well as your physical health after having a baby. If you begin to feel that you really aren't coping, begin to feel sad most of the time, have feelings of inadequeacy and guilt, this is a very strong indication you are suffering from post natal depression and should seek advice from your doctor or a health care professional. You will be far better able to take care of your bub if you take good care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. :o)


caroline lawrence - May 10

NO WAY ARE YOU MAD!!!!!!! i was just the same its just were youare adjusting to a completly new life......when the tears stop (( and they will!! )) whe they do you will be able to enjoy your baby.........I promise you will be fine....i was...xxxxx



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