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Ashbear21912 - November 26

I'm 14 years old.. My boyfriend & I have been thinking about having a baby; But before you go off on me & say all the rude stuff that I know you are going to say listen to my story.. -MY STORY- I'm 14 years old & Yes me & my boyfriend have been thinking about having a baby I know what you are all going to say which is "You are to young & you don't know how hard it is going to be." Trust me I've sat down & thought about that & I understand that.. We have thought about it all... Another thing I know you all are going to say is "What if you get kicked out? Do you got a house to go to? How you going to pay for anything? Gonna just ask people who work hard for money to support you? Do you got a job? How you going to raise it when you can't even raise yourself yet?" I already know all of this.. I know for a fact that my mom loves me enough were she wouldn't kick me out & even if something changed & she did kick me out I have a home to go to that I know I can go to.. My boyfriend just got a job & I am going to be working at Kroger's everyday for two hours a day.. I know that's not the best job but it still brings money in.. I already got this all planed out.. & I also know everyone is going to say something about school.. I got that worked out I don't got to worry about everyone at school making fun of me or anything I am going to be home schooled.. I know people on the street might say something but they are not me so I don't mind what they say.. & I also know you are all thinking about I don't know what I am doing with a child but truth be told I help with kids at a day care so I know about all of it.. all the screaming & dippers & everything & I ain't going to lie I love it all I love kids... But thanks for listening to my story.. You can comment if you would like & I know you might say rude stuff but I am just here to tell my story & help others out.. (Sorda in a way).. -Thanks[3


justhoping11 - May 28

Girl, i feel the same way. I don't have the same situation or anything but i kind of know how you feel. If you want it, and your guy won't ditch out on you, do what you think is best for you. It will be hard, but you will figure things out. Taking care of a baby is just as hard as it is if you are 23. Financially it might be a little harder. Don't listen to people. They only listen to what society says. If you are a good mom and you can take care of both of you, thats good. I wish you the best and i hope everything works out for you!!



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