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Jess - November 28

Hey Everyone. Im 18 weeks pregnant with my second child. I havent felt the baby move yet , everything is probably okay but i just want to get a idea of when other mommies to be felt the first movements.. Please say what week u are and whether this is your first or second baby :)


Natalie - November 28

this is my first baby, i felt her move very early, at 14 weeks. im now 27 weeks.


Jess - November 28

wow thats early i really want to feel mine move!!


lauren - November 28

I never felt my baby move till about 18 weeks, if you are a heavier person you might not feel it till about 20 week. You might have felt it move already but didn't realize it Thier first movments feel like little bubbles in your tummy, or like little flutters. It can be hard to recognize them as movments. Don't worry youll feel them soon. The best way to notice them is to drink a gla__s of juice( the sugar wakes them up) lay down on your left side in a dark, quiet room with no distractions and wait, I bet you'll feel something. good luck!!!!!!


Ameigh - November 28

hey, i felt mine at about 14 weeks too. but its nothing uncommen to not feel him, they say it should be anywhere from about 14 weeks to 20 weeks. weight can affect it, but it has more to do with the thickness of the wall or sack whatever there in.. lol dont know the scientific word for it. after 20 wks you should go to your doctor.. but im sure you'll feel him before that :).. good luck with your pregnancy


HI - November 28



Jami - November 28

I couldnt really feel my baby moving at 18 weeks either. I wasnt really worried about it, but i was definately jealous that all these other mommies to be were feeling their babies move so early! :) Im now 20 weeks and i swear he was moving ALL day yesterday, wouldnt stop! I'm starting to think i may have a little ADD child in there! lol ;) and to add on top of that he is laying really low and putting SO much pressure on my lower abdomen and bladder it almost hurts. Ahh the joys of being pregnant :)


elizabeth - November 29

i noticed a few flutters at 18 weeks but did not feel the baby actually move till around 20-22 weeks. Im just about 29 weeks and the baby likes the low position, right by the blatter haha...



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