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MaMa 2 B - July 8

umm...i was just wondering about when do i start to feel my baby move?? and what exactly does it feel like?


ConnorsMommy - July 8

it all depends on the person. my mom started feeling me kick (well, "quickening" when she was 13 weeks along... i didnt feel my son till about 18 or 19 weeks along. i never felt the quickening (people say it feels like a b___terfly is fluttering around in ur tummy). the first time i felt my son, it was a KICK! lol


MaMa 2 B - July 8

haha yea that is what my doc said that it will feel like b___terflies...hmm i cant wait


lilmomma88 - July 8

the first time i felt my son move was about 19 or 20 weeks...they say with the first baby it takes longer, i didnt feel the was more like little nudges.. it is the best feeling when your like 35-40 weeks and you feel the rolling around and see your whole belly change shape, its awesome! Im glad my little man is here, but i miss being pregnant! =(


Jamie-Lee - July 9

I felt little "flutters" when I was about 4 months and then they turned into kicks and they feel like someone quickly pushing on your belly.He or she is doing it to me right now.I'm 6 months now.I can feel the baby kick on the outside if I put my hand on my belly.My best friend was the first to feel it and she almost fell over when he kicked because it suprised her.Mom almost started crying when she felt it and Nan jumped because he gave a big kick for her.


MaMa 2 B - July 9

oooo how exciting! i cant wait to b able to feel it!! how fun!! haha


sweetsouthernbelle - July 10

i first felt mine move about 18 weeks basically like everyone else but now im WAYYY farther along and all i feel are kicks and feels like the baby is doing a whole circus act inside my belly and its cool to watch your tummy take on a whole new shape...good luck with your pregnancy:D


oxocrazybabiioxo - July 11

aww how far long are u


sweetsouthernbelle - July 11

im 33 weeks and 5 days...if you were asking


midnight_drift - July 12

Well, I am currently 19 weeks, and I felt the baby move a couple weeks before, like little kicking and swishy moving ones. And I know it is the baby because at the ultrasound when the baby would move I could feel it =). And I felt it when I was say.. 15-16 weeks or so.



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