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KaseyA - March 8

Just wondering if any mommies to be have names picked out?


xoxticiaxox - March 8

Bianca Fay for our little girl, and just in case SHE turns out to be a HE, we will name him Tanner Lambert. Do you have ne names yet?


PrettyShadows - March 8

Well i miscarried in december but we did have names picked out and most probably would still use them when i fall pregnant. Felicity Amber for a girl and Noah Dylan for a boy.


DownbutnotOUT - March 8

Definatly I have 2 names for each s_x and that includes first and middle names as well, you can never be too prepared when it comes to names lol.


KaseyA - March 8

Her name will be Lila (lie-lah) I'm still deciding on her middle name. Either Isabelle, Isabella, or Rose. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them :)


abriamiacadia - March 8

Im not fully decided yet. I like for a girl Laila Marie, or Gabriella Michelle. For a boy Rylan Dean or Lucas Allen. Lila Faye? lol that my gmas name =D


ConnorsMommy - March 8

this is our second little boy and we're naming him Isaac Richard. Richard is my husband's grandfather's name... my first son's name is Connor Lee. Lee is my husband's father's name.. =) ... if this baby was a girl, we were going to go with Falyn Lilia... but he's a boy. =P


krista-lee - March 8

my first little girls name is Emy, our back up names for her were Ryanne, Paige, Brooke or Leah. Now, for our second we have these names picked (its a lot so bear with me lol): Girls: Kennedy (most likey will go with this if i have a girl), Hayley, Mya, Arley, Ashlyn, Callie, Hannah, Jacey and Jaylyn. For Boys: Logan (Our boy name for sure), Liam, Trey, Connor, Cameron, Blair, Brady, Braeden and Noah.


krista-lee - March 8

abriamiacadia, just to let you know, i read on the general pregnancy questions board that the name Marie originally means "unwanted child". lol i just thought id let you know : )


ConnorsMommy - March 8

krista- really? Marie originally means that?!... aww.. that sucks... that's MY middle name... lol


freebird - March 8

I thought Marie was the French or German form of Mary. Mary is the anglicized form of Miriam (which is my Hebrew name) . Miriam was the name of Moses' older sister who saved his life when she hid him in a basket at the side of the river for the Pharo's daughter to find. There's a nicer history of the name Marie for you. If you like the name, you should use it :)


Diana_Babii - March 9

Me and my boyfriend have decided on Julian for a boy (Although i reeeeaaallyyy liked the name Jayden!) and Adrianna Nicole for a 13 weeks so it will probably be a few more weeks until i find out if it is boy or girl!


abriamiacadia - March 9

WOW, well lol. Thanks Krista-lee.. goes to show i suck at picking out names lol. Well no one wants me to pick the name Laila for a girl cause in school ppl will be like "Hey laila, I wanta lay ya" lol that'd suck if i put my kid through that -_-


krista-lee - March 9

beth, what about Lillian, lilly for short? kinda the same type of name lol. I get most of the names i like from tv shows lol, like reality ones (american idol, americas next top model etc) they have really unique names on ANTM. a lot of nice ones too : )


abriamiacadia - March 9

I like the name Lilianna.. lol it was my french name. But if i used the french pronunciation for it ppl will be like.. freak.. because.. im Irish lol not french : ( I've always wanted to go to Paris tho. French sounding names are SOOO pretty.


Meagan18 - March 10

well, if i ever get the test and it's positive then so far i only have a girls name lol - Naomi Ruth. I LOVE the name Naomi. I think I might have to look into something different though b/c I might want her middle name to be Lisa after my aunt. My aunt pa__sed away 3 months ago of cancer so I would want to name my child after her in some way.


Meagan18 - March 10

no boy names yet though. i'll have to keep looking into that too. One step at a time though lol



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