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Going to be a proud mommy! - November 2

Just found out im having a girl yesterday!VERY HAPPY!but i cant seem to find a name!can any one help,i want something not alot of people have,but not anything weird.and the last name is going to be Otero so PLEASE PLEASE send names anything will help! -Brittany


Samantha - November 2

When I was picking both girl and boy names, Madisyn Avery Marie was what I was naming my baby if it was a girl. I found out last week that its a BOY! So his name is Zaine Alexzander!


Codys Mummie - November 2

Heya! I've got a son called Cody n i was expecting another baby but i miscarried 2 weeks ago! I had a huge list of names but my fave for a girl were: Kaylah, Shannon and Rheanna! My favourite name ever is Ebony, but my little niece is called Ebony lol


Kelsey - November 2

Well I was due 3 days ago. I am having a girl and her name is Bailey Kay. But I also like the name Ella or Lydia. Good luck!


missy - November 2

My daughters name is kasie but I also like the name broke.They are normal and sound commom but you don't hear them to often.With my daughter it was as if it was ment to be.First it was the first name I saw in the first baby book.Then not telling people I was considering it three people suggested it.


Gemma - November 2

Harmony, Ella, Saskia, Lala, Martia, Sienna, Ria, Scarlett, Angel, Machaela, Kiya, Chelsea, Phoebe, Bella, Chantelle, Charlotte, Chanise, Demi, Tiffany, Kendal, Carla, Jodie. Just some ideas.


Brittany - November 2

Thank you all sooo much I am considering one of the names that yall said!soo BIG help!


angel - November 2

arianna,bailey,chloe,daniella,emily,fiona,grace,hannah,iris,janessa,kristina,lianna,mandy,noella,olivia,pratricia,rianna,shaelyn,trista,viloet, good luck :)


Gemma - November 2

Hi going to be proud mummy what name is it you like?


CAROL - November 2

Don't know if I'm having a girl or boy yet, but I've been picking out names: Girls- Luna, Soraya, Isis, Shilo. Boys- Salem, Sean, Mattias.


Ollie - November 2

Carol those r beautiful names. When r u due? I'm due may 25.



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