Baby Scare

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katie - March 23

im just bk from the hospital :-( on sunday nite i was havin really bad cramps and then started bleedin so my mom and dad took me to the hospital to get cheaked out.i hav never been so scared in my life but they did a scan and said every thing wud b okies but kept me in jst to make sure and now im home.has anyone else had a scare like this or anything???


emerald - March 23

awwwww r u feelin? r u ok?i cant say i have had a baby scare yet and hopefuly wont get one either but the chances r quite high since im prggo wit twins lol how far along r u again?


katie - March 23

yea im okies im just a bit rattled if u no wat i jst shows me and mi bf how much we want this kid now and it also turns out im now 30wks instead of 28wks which i thought i was lol but i dont think i have been so scared in all mi really not havin a gr8 pregnancy lol


emerald - March 23

aww poor u :-( keep urself safe ok. get lots of rest and take care of urself :-)


Audrey - March 23

Katie- If you are 30 weeks along and have bleeding like this, it's cause for concern. Take it easy, don't do any strenuous activities for a while. Best wishes!


leah - March 23

wow poor u..take it easy katie and get lots of rest.i'll b thinkin bout u :-)


Melissa - March 23

I sorry about your scare. I would suggest bedrest. Good luck honey.


erin - March 23

at 30 wks??is this not serious?? cud katie lose her baby or hav a premeture labour? im so sorry to here bout this..wat age r u again?


emerald - March 23

shes 14


???? - March 23

r u still in skool???if u r u sudnt b take it easy and keep u and ur baby safe


katie - March 23

yea im outta skool and really im fine.i just need to take it easy and stuff i guess.and to erin i cant lose my baby it wud jst b a still birth but lets hope thst does happen okies??? and i dont no bout the premeture labour.does anyone else no???


bekki - March 23

im new here and im 15 but keep urself safe and the baby will hopefully b ok good luck XXX :-)


XXX - March 23

gd luck wit ur baby but im goin say one thing there is a chance tht u will hav an early labour


emerald - March 23

if anyone wants to talk my addy is [email protected]


steph - March 23

bleedin at 30wks...thts REALLY bad..i had bleedin at 27wks and baby was born at 33wks and weighed 3pounds 8 ur likely to hav ur baby early chicken but i hope everything goes ok and make sure u get lots of rest.i had my baby wen i was 15 and im not 19 so shes 4 yrs old but best wishes


kerrie - March 24

take care of urself and hope every thing goes ok...i lost my baby at 4mths and i never forgive myself so keep urself safe best wishes kerrie


katie - March 24

im sorry to here tht u lost ur baby...and im takin it real easy at the mo cause i was really scared and stuff and thanks r u feelin ok??? wen did u lose ur baby??



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