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Kay - April 17

Im 18 weeks at the moment and on the 27th April will be finding out if its a girl/boy !! Iam very excited finger crossed its a girl!!! I am feelin kicking alot more now and craving apple pies and carrots ! Well just to put some positvie stuff on these boards. Hows everyone esle doing this week and there lil bubs ?


katie - April 17

im doin ok just been bk from hospital again =( i hate hospitals but then i wud rather go and make sure my baby is havin a baby girl in 8wks


becca - April 17

hey well my baby girl paris is 6 weeks on thursdy she is great just fort all u mummys to be might like to no that i didnt think labour was bad and i wudnt mind doin it again i no we are all differnt but honest it seriously okay good luck o and to katie do u lkive in england


Kay - April 17

You must be having a difficult pregnancy Katie as many posts i see with you in hospital i hope all will go well , but as ther hasnt been no bad news i am positive that your baby girl will be the most beautiful in the hospital!!! becca- wow everyone says that labour is the worst part , i have to admit i am dreading it. but in the long run its well worth it :) .................................... I am thinking of having another baby in around 2 years apart , so as not to have a big age gap. but i will see how this one goes first !


katie - April 17

n.ireland why??


katie - April 17

lol i guess i am havin a pretty bad pregnancy but its goin b owrth it when i get to hold my baby girl in my arms =) but i really am dreadin labour though anyways xxx katie


Chey - April 17

im doin ok. my baby girl is doin very great. she is soo adorable. she will be 2 months on the 27th of February. but i love being a mommy even though its a lot of work. well good luck to all you moms or soon to be moms and much luv. adios.


chey - April 17

my bad my lil baby girl will be 2 months on the 27th of April i had her in Feb. 27 2005. Damn i cant type today.


leah - April 17

im doin ok and so is my baby girl rebekah =)


tori - April 17

i just had my baby boy on wed the 13th april and we named him jordan kaylee and we are both doin well


Jen - April 17

My son is named Jordan, love the name


becca - April 18

j/wyea kt i had a ruff pregnacy too so i no how ur feelin


? - April 19

hu cares



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