Baby With Out A Father

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krystal - April 28

hi im 16 and i am pregant and my babys father partys all the time he is never here when i need him i would like for someone to tell me what i should do i have a job i do everthing why my boyfriend partys he comes home every night drunk. he dont have a job he wont go to school i dont no what to do i dont want to raise my kid like this.


Anne - April 28

Hi Krystal, I am sorry you are going through this. Have you considered adoption with a nice family that you got to know throughout your pregnancy? Please email me if you would like to talk. My husband and I cannot have children and are looking to adopt privately. My email address is [email protected] I would love to tell you about us and answer any questions you may have.


Lace - April 29

I know a family that is looking to adopt. They were my foster family. They are great people. If you would like you can email them [email protected]


to Krystal - April 29

You don't have to give your baby up for adoption, he probably will come around and even if he doesn't I think that you can still manage, do you have a supportive family?


katie - May 2

hey,im sorry ur goin through this rite cant b easy...u dnt hav to give ur baby up to adoption if u dnt want to...if the babies father wants to play a part in your babys life tht is gr8 but if he doesnt u can do it without him..although he will proberley come round eventually =) plus im sure ur family and friends will help u along the luck and take care xxx katie


Audrey - May 2

Krystal- Your bf is not being a responsible person and you are better off without him around. Hold up your head and don't put up with any more of his nonsense. Best wishes!


sylvia - May 16

First let me say a couple things,good job! girl it's hard to raise a baby.And it's harder when the man you love won't let reality hit him and see the precious gift he created. You are better off without him. Believe me I'm 20 and i"m due in 1 month and the father is in prison theres a lot to do even before a child is born,as you know.He has not been here to help for nothing. Let him know he needs to help support you and his baby if he can't get off his lazy a__s and put the booz away for his child he will not do a lot for that baby of yours. actions speak louder than word.remember we don't need a man to make it. He builds the relationship with his kid if he can't be there now your kid will see and know then make the chioce when he's older if he is happy with his father or not.just do whats best for your baby.



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