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Jennifer - March 10

I am a 17 year old girl who is currently about 31 weeks pregnant. I had s_x with a 14 year old and he is accepting the baby. I recently began giving him paper work to read up on for when I go to the hospital and what to expect when the baby comes ( diaper rash, bottle feeding, etc.{Him and I are not together}) His father accepts it, not saying hes happy about it, but what can you do when your child made a mistake? But, the concern is his mother. She says that he can't go to the hospital when I go into labor and can't raise that child or she will take me to court. She's threatened me with satatuary rape but in Pennsylvania, since I was under the age of 18 when we were having s_x, that it can't be pressed. But, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what she actually has the right to do about him seeing the child and whatnot. Please, keep in mind, she is physically and mentally disabled which I'm not holding against her but she's always up on a high horse thinking she's right. Please help me before I'm in labor and can't curse the S.O.B out for our mistake hehe. Thanks!


chelle - March 10

jennifer, i took 2 years of legal cla__ses but in ohio. If it may be the same in your state she could take you to court for custody but if she is mentally and physically disabled then she is not capable of caring for a child. They would laugh her out of court. She would also have to prove you to be an unfit parent which is very hard to do. Most courts would like to see the child with the mother if at all possible. I would only worry that she will put you through the c___p of calling family services on you all the time for nothing. Some people are like that. As for him going to the hospital with you, she could only stop him because he is a minor and legally still has to abide by her rules, however, considering the circ_mstances I really don't think he would get in any kind of trouble. Most mothers would be proud of their son for owning up to his business. I wouldn't worry about her. She may come to her senses once the baby is born and realize what a blessing it is. My nieces grandparents were the same way at first, now she is their pride and joy. She should be careful of being to mental though because here in ohio she could make the environment unsafe (in human services eyes) and her son may only be able to have limited supervised visistation with the baby. Just how mental is she?


Shana - August 22

Jennifer you were close, it is spelt emancipated...


Cut Paste for phili rape laws - August 22


Pennsylvania LAW - August 22

Age of S_xual Consent: 14 Rape to engage in s_xual intercourse with a complainant who is less than 13 years of age. Rape to engage in deviate s_xual intercourse with a complainant who is less than (1) 13 years of age or (2) 16 years of age and the actor is four or more years older.


nikki - August 23

is there any way that when you go into labor you caould call one of his friends and have them tell him and he could say he was going over to his friends house and really come to the hospital? i mean its not good to lie, but if you both want him to be there then what else can you do?


Smiles - August 23

If the boy and his father is alright with the mistake he made, the maybe you could ask his father to talk to her about the situation and help her understand what's going on. And since you aren't 18 i don't think she can file rape against you. THe law says if you're 18 or older not under 18.


Jessica - August 24

Omg, there is no such thing as a grand parents right to take a child or even get custody unless you are unfit to be a mom(which i doubt she can prove) She has no legal rights over that baby and has no say in him fathering that child either.Let her take you to court because then she will not only not get custody of your child but she will have to pay child support until her son is 18. And for the childrens services thing, it happened to me.If she calls and they come out to find that nothing is wrong with that baby then in the same week/month they get another call and nothing they are going to suspect that the caller is lieing about it and will eventually leave you alone.I been there, done it all, bought the t-shirt lol.



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