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Sha - October 14

some of you stupid idiots adviced me that I couldn't get pregnant from anul s_x. well i have news for you, i am pregnant. I had unprotected anul s_x with the impression that I coulnd't get pregnant. i am sad to say this but i was selling my body. its wasn't that bad though cause i did kno the man, he just paid me to have s_x with him. he is the only man that i do this with. i was afraid to have s_x wit faer that i would get pregnant so i asked people at school if they could get pregnant from anul s_x. they didn't know the answer so i went to the computer lab and came to this site to ask the question. anyway, how could you guys give me bad advice. if someone would have said that there was a smalle chance then i would nnever have done it. now i don't know what to do. my mama ain't got know money and she can barely take care of us now. i blame this site for ruining my life. Thanks alot


Kimi - October 14

you cant get pregnant from a___l s_x


- October 14

first u cant get pregnant from a___l s_x, unless the c_m run in too. so there for thats UR FAULT, dont even go blameing someone other then urself. and u should have use a protection.


what the? - October 14

u can't be serious. u should have asked a DOCTOR you clown. Plus, you CAN'T get pregnant that way because nothing from your a__s leads to your womb. how about picking up a book or at the very least..a CONDOM. ur upset about a baby?? have you been tested for anything else that he could have given you?


andi - October 14

you can NOT get pregnant from a___l s_x, I am a nursing student. Nothing from your colon even leads to your cervix. You need to seriously do some research. You must be the stupidest person alive. And if you are a prost_tute selling your body for a little money then you should be ashamed of yourself. Go to planned parenthood and figure out what is wrong with you.


misti - October 14

ok the only way u can get preggers from a___l is if the sperm runs in to your v____a im sure u were told that there are many places out there to help you or u can choose adoption there are plenty of ppl who cant have kids alsoits not this sites fault and on it it says were not doctors just ppl giving advice im sorry this happened but u should think about your baby now


Ding Ding Ding - October 14

Misti is the only one who got it right! Three gold stars for YOU. Andi you should study harder AND work on your bedside manner. Right now you would suck as a nurse! To Sha since you're already pregnant why not just use condoms ( don't want any STD's) to make some more quick cash. Save all of it and try to figure how best to proceed. Good Luck!


hiya - October 15

i didn't answer your previous post but if i had i would have told you that pregnancy from a___l s_x wasn't possible. you say you had unprotected s_x, did the man withdraw before he came. he may have withdrew and came on your v____a. if this happened uoy could have gotten pregnant. by the way, has your a__s started hanging out your a__s yet, ha ha haaaa!!!!!!!!


.. - October 15

dump b___h u cannot possible get pregnant from a___l s_x...ur just a stupid whore


Oprah - October 15

Hey sha, when was the last time you had v____al s_x. you may have gotten pregnant that way. go to the doctor and see how many weeks you are


to sha - October 16

you could have gotten pregnant from a___l s_x if the s____n had leaked from your back pa__sage to your v____a if he did not wear a condom. a___l s_x is very dangerous to getting stds a condom is still needed. I f you have 'normal s_x' s____n still leaks out so if you have a___l s_x it to can seep out and run into your v____a. Very slim chance BUT POSSIBLE. Maybe you shouldn't of asked the question on a teenage forum full of young girls.


duuhhh - October 16

umm, lets see here you say that we gave you the wrong advice, so you go back on the very same site to blame others for you selling your but and then claiming you got pregnant, either you are making this up or you have a serious mental issue. If you insist on selling yourself, at least use protection, and nobody on this sit told you to go and sell your a__s darling...


Gemma - October 16

You can't get pregnant from actually having a___l s_x but you can get pregnant if some of the c_m runs down it to your v____a or gets in there some other way. I would also be worried about STD's and really you can't blame anyone else as you should have used your own sense and a condom.


sha - October 16

i don't care what any of you say. the point is some ignorant people told me that i couldn't get pregnant from a___l s_x and i did. i would have never even participated in the a___l s_x if i was told i could get pregnant. i recieved no pleasure from the experience except for the $50. the last time i had s_x the regular way we used a comdon so you can't say i got pregnant that way. i would have used a condom this time but the guy said he didn't want to since he was paying. since you people told me i couldn't get pregnant i didin't think i had a problem. i don't know why some of you can't beleive tha fact that you don't know everything.


SAINT - October 16

Ok, Sha. Listen. We might not know everything, I don't think anyone does not even you. I'm not going to be a b___h about it because I know what being pregnant and confused is like. You cannot get pregnant from a___l s_x. Your b___thole is for pooping, it's apart of your digestive system, ok? Unless the baby is growing in your stomach, it's physically impossible to be pregnant from a___l s_x. I hope you realize this sooner, and do something better with your time. Seek out help and support, k?


... - October 17

You're going to have a really short career as a prost_tute if you let the men decide whether or not to use protection. a___l s_x is the riskiest s_x to have unprotected, because you can get tiny tears in your a__s that germs can enter. You can't tell if someone has a disease from looking at them, and a man who has s_x with hookers is likely to have a disease. Being pregnant may seem bad, but that's only nine months or an abortion...if you get AIDS your life is basically over. Also, if you're as young as you sound, the man who paid you for s_x should be locked up for being a child molester.


Senseful - October 17

to sha, it is more likely than not that you got pregnant from having v____al s_x but if you say you got pregnant from a___l s_x then although it is impossible i can accept it. normally i would say something that you wouldn't like but today i am in a good mood so i am not going to. it doesn't matter how you got pregnant. the fact is that you are and now you have to start taking care of the child.



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