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bethany - January 16

i thought i was going into premature labor so i went to the hospital and the nurse was so rude to me. i unplugged the monitors to monitor the contractions and babys heart rate because the other nurse told me if i had to use the bathroom to do that. she got an att_tude with me and said WHAT ARE U DOING? i was like THE OTHER NURSE TOLD ME TO DO THIS. and she said SIT DOWN, PLEASE. she was really nasty. then i asked her for another nurse, but i was crying histerically. she told me NO. i think that if i want another nurse i have the right to have another one! then she was talking down to me about my age because im 16 and pregnant. would she feel better if i had an abortion? no i dont think so. anyways, i took my monitors off i was crying histerically and she was screaming at me that i wasnt in labor. i never said i was in labor i was having pains and i was worried so i came in to get checked. i hope that she lost her job. the head nurse was infuriated. i mean shes a professional health care provider and just because of my age i shouldnt be treated like that! regardless of how old i am ! seriously. i deserve respect for keeping this child people these days are so judgemental and crazy. HAS ANYBODY ELSE HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH A NURSE OR DOCTOR WHILE IN THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE OF YOUR PREGNANCY? IF SO I WANNA HEAR IT


Kailey1985 - January 16

Yeah...Not because of my age tho. My nurse was just a b___h!!! It was after my csec and I kept saying that I wanted to see my son (this was 3 1/2 hours after my csec and I was out of recovery and in my room with my fionce) and she kept telling me no and being mean to me. I was still a little out of it due to everything that went on so I was crying and telling my mom (who came in after the nurse left) to go find the head nurse and get my son. Also, I had a nurse that was horrible when I thought I was going into labor on my due date. There should be a rule that OB and Maternity nurses should be nice.


bethany - January 16

aw qurl. see ima be a mean a__s mom. if any body is ever mean to my kid at a hospital or anythinq i dont know what im qonna do. raise hell for sure. that should be a rule hahaha. but i was about to fight that nurse. and i was in that robe and my naked body kept comin out and i was going crazy. do not mess with pregnant femalez.


Solanyidr - January 16

Girl I think I would have killed the b!tch for real. No matter how old you are they are supposed to treat you with respect regardless. That stpid nurse is lucky that wasn't me i would have flipped and let's not even talk about what my feonce would have done, I don't even want to imagine it.


Kailey1985 - January 16

Yeah they have to. It's like the nurses code or whatever


bethany - January 16

i kno thats why i did her like i did. i hope she got fired because no1 deserves to be treated like that. especially a HORMONAL BITCHY PREGNANT GURL like maself.


Solanyidr - January 16

I hear you girl


Kendra - January 16

I know it's frustrating, especially during the uncomfortable grips of pregnancy - but try to keep in mind that -although this doesn't justify rude behaviour- nurses alot of times work VERY long shifts, and and often have VERY difficult patients. Remember, she's around pregnant women, all day every day - and alot of them are probably not very nice or cooperative. Again, that's no excuse, but when you deal with patients that are not cooperative over and over, you sort of develop a chip, and she probably didn't realize she was being short with you. I guess what I'm trying to say, is try not to take it personally, and be the bigger person, and think ' wow, she's probably having a very bad day!'


Allyson - January 17

i have a b___h for a nurse at my doc office.. my first visit she was really rude! she said with all the birth control out now there is no reason for a girl my age(17) to be pregnant! then she asked if i was still s_xually active and i said no( b/c im not im too scared it will hurt the baby) and she said wit a NASTY att_tude why not your already knocked up! oo i was soo mad i told my doc when i come in i dont want her at all!!!!


Complain - January 17

You (or your parents) need to contact the hospital and file a complaint. Go online and Google in the name and state of the hospital you were at and you should be able to find a site for that specific hospital. There should be a patient relations tab or something similiar to click on and tell them your complaint. You could also contact the AMA (American Medical a__sosiation) and tell them your complaint. These things do go into the nurses file and are reviewed when she is due for a raise or promotion. They will also be seen if she applies at a different hospital for employment. There are plenty of good nurses looking for work and the hospital may not realize they have a nurse that has poor patient skills unless someone (you) points it out to them. Don't just sit back and be upset that you had poor "service"... do something about it.


izzy1052 - January 17

well.. my doctor that ive been seeing since the beginning (im 30 weeks) she has never been helpful.. ive asked so many questions because this is my first pregnancy, she would never give me a straight answer and i would always have to pretty much guess and answer myself and she would say "yes" or "no" lol.. she is such a snothead too... like she is too good to take care of me... my mom said she is probably judging me because i have a lot of tattoos and piercings and black hair... oh well.. im gonna be a good mommy so who the hell cares what i look like... ive been told that it's great that i dont let anyone change who i am.. why should i let some b___h doctor... and why does my baby have to suffer by not getting the best treatment that she should get.. well.. needless to say.. something WAS wrong last time i saw her and she felt the need to not let me know.. so.. i ended up in the hospital with severe dehydration and a virus... they asked me at the hospital how long id been feeling the pains and stuff and i told them for about a week.. she didnt even listen to me when i told her i had really bad pains.. she said they were normal and didnt bother to check them out... so this thursday i have an appt. with one of the doctors that took care of me at the hospital... so there is my story heh


tara - January 17

Mine is not a bad nurse story but has to do with my appointment.This happened I was 4 months pregnant and going for my ultrasound and regular appointment.My car had broke down and i had to take a 45 minute bus ride to begin with.I missed the first bus i should have taken,barely make it there on time.Had to run from upstairs to downstairs and back upstairs again.Waited 45 minutes in the waiting room got my ultasound and was two minute late for my reg appointment downstairs.Got to the next waiting room,waited one and a half hour to get in.The whole time I have my almost two year daughter,four other frustrated pregnant woman and a woman who acted crazy.Apparently there was a penitent who need lots of extra care.Finally when I got in my blood presure was sky high and they had the nerve to ask WHY.The best part is this is at a top rated womans hospital people will drive for hour to go to,go fugure.Feel free to laugh,I do. - January 17

I don't see how you can say "they had the nerve to ask why" - they didn't know how your day was going, they just wanted to find out hwy your blood pressure could be high....chill out.


- - January 17

hwy = why. .....I think I would be more concerned if they DIDN'T ask.


reply - January 17

I never had even remotly high blood pressure in two pregnancy's so yes I say they had the nerve.I should have said they ask me why do you think it was high,I just furgured it was implyed.


.. - January 17

Everyone else i had told the story understood what i ment.Maybe it looses transulation in typing sorry i tried


? - January 17

lol,I get it.After a day like that I'd want to punch the nurse.Havn't any of you girls been in wainting room with a young child.Don't forget the running around and bus ride she had.Why,Give me one good reason you wouldn't have high BP after all that.



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