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Ari_Cai0001 - February 17

Well, it's kinda late in the game but is 2nd hand smoke ok for the babies? I mean, it can't hurt them right? Since I'm only about 17 weeks along? What about smoke from marijuana and stuff? Are there any foods or things I shouldn't be doing, cause I don't want anything bad to happen to them. And please don't get p___sy or lecture me I get that enough at home. Thanks. =]


abriamiacadia - February 17

2nd hand smoke is almost as bad for the baby as you smoking while pregnant. It could cause low birth weight or SIDs... mmm Marijuana is worse. It could cause retardation and stuff like taht. I wouldnt risk it on the marijuana smoke dear lol. And...mmm.... raw fishies like... whoops for got the name but im sure you know what im talking about.... i dont think thats good... and my bf said something about not eating deer meat mmm ask your doc. about the foods...Good Luck darlin! How many weeks are ya?


Ari_Cai0001 - February 17

So no smoke or booze at all? Well, how would I do that? I mean, my dad smokes his pipe everyday, and my boyfriend and his friends are the ones who smoke pot and get drinks. So if I didn't go as much, would that be okay? Or no? Cause I want to be around the daddy but if it's bad for my babies, I don't know what to do. What abotu s_x? That can't hurt them, right? And I'm on 3 different vitamins that my doctor gave me. Oh, abria I'm about to be in my 17th week =] how about you?


xoxticiaxox - February 17

Alright, well obvipusly if its very common in your life you cannot avoid it completly...but as much as you can to keep your baby healthy...s_x is soooo okay as long as your doctor doesnt tell you otherwise. Drinks are not good at all...they can make your baby mental...kinda like being born drunk...and staying drunk for the rest of its life...not nice. If you are found with any weed in your system or the babys system when it is born...they will not hesitate to take it away from you right then and there...If you want to be around your bf...just tell him to cool it around you...people should respect that, The pipe a window or keep your bedroom door closed...its up to you...but think about ur unborn baby...


abriamiacadia - February 17

Lucky im 4 days into my 13th lol. AND just ask him not to smoke weed around you..mmm is he gonna stick around? the daddy of the baby?....


Ari_Cai0001 - February 17

Lol, well the worst drinking I ever do is pour a shot of tequila into coke, but I can live without that. They can take your baby away if you have any drugs in your system? Well then is my bf going to be able to be around them, because he's the big druggie, not me. And with my dad, I could prolly ask him to smoke outside in the rocking chair, I don't think he'd mind that much. Another dumb question but what's the NICU? My mum told me my babies would likely be in there, but she didn't explain what 'there' was. congrats, abria! I don't know if he'll stop. He prolly won't listen and say something like I'm just stupid cause I'm 9 years younger than him. =/ Toughy. But, he did say he'd like to stay because he wants to stay with me and help me with the twins. He says one baby's hard enough, but two needs more than one person to help out. =]


xoxticiaxox - February 17

WOW twins, oh my he better be staying...hes the one who c_mmed not you!!! If your bf gets caught with drugs on him....then they can test his proove he was doing it....if not then on the other hand...say bye to ur babysss. The NCIU or w.e you just said...I think it is because when you have twins...there is higher risk of they would put them in like a nurdery typw thing to make sure everything is okay...most single babies dont go through that. He doesnt have to stop, but dont let him do it around the babys, and dont let him do as much...he should have some respect...hope Ive helped


ChattyKathy - February 17

They aren't going to drug test you or your partner after you deliver your baby. They will, however, drug test your baby to ensure no harm was done while in the womb. Being around people drinking doesn't do you any harm. Being around the smoke isn't safe. Once the baby is born, though, you cannot bring it around ANY of that. Child Protective Services will see that as you bringing the child into an unfit environment. So, the boyfriend better get his act together.


ChattyKathy - February 17

Also, the NICU is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Have you ever seen TV shows where the premie babies are hooked up to machines, IVs, and they are in the incubators? Thats the NICU. Your babies are likely to be born prematurely because that is the nature of twins. Not enough room for them to grow. Don't worry, though, this is common.


britt_m - February 18

If you'd like to know more about food you could ask the Second Trimester board. They had a discussion a little while ago on that, I couldn't find the question tho. Altho I would definately leave out the marijuana smoke, that could start something over there, lol. GL


lunamoo - February 18

ARE YOU RECEIVING ANY PRENATAL CARE!?!?!? You are asking questions that you should have brought up at your first appointment...This sounds very worrisome! These basic questions about diet should be answered by a professional with material they can give to you, including vitimans and special care concerning twins. When your mom said NICU, didn't you ask her what that was...? PLEASE get some professional help in your area, there is a lot of help out there for you, but you need to find it, it won't come to you.


freebird - February 18

Your boyfriend needs to stop smoking cigarettes and weed around you and the babies when they arrive. I have twins (they're 4 months old) and I have to tell you, he's going to have to make bigger sacrifices than that if he wants to help take care of them. To be honest he probably won't be spending much time with his friends for the first 3 months or so. It's alot of work and it's a 24 hr a day job, you'll want all the help you can get. My twins didn't have to spend any time in the NICU because they were born at 38 weeks. Second-hand smoke increases the risk of premature birth which is already increased because you're having twins. Do the right thing for your babies and stay away from the smoky parties. Tell your b/f he needs to come see you away from his friends, or ask them not to smoke if you're there.


Ari_Cai0001 - February 18

Well I showed him this thread just a while ago cause he didn't believe everything I said and he still doesn't believe everything yall say. And he said that none of his babies will be special ed. But he agreed he wouldn't do pot in front of me anymore and he'd cut down on cigarettes too, so that's good right? Lunamoo, yes I'm recieving prenatal. I went to my first appointment with my brother cause he was the only one who really knew about my bf. I didn't ask anything like this cause my brother said that if I said anything about pot or drinking that the doctor would tell my parents and CPS would take them away from me. About the diet thing, I've just heard so many different things already, including what the doc told me, so I'm jst trying to get a wider view from others. Chatty, is THAT what the NICU is? Is there anything else I can do to like increase chances that they won't be born way too preterm???


Rhiannon - February 18

Hi. I had twins at 36 weeks. They didn't have to go into the NICU. You have to take it easy especially in the last trimester. I basically sat on the couch for 2 months. Being around smoke increases your chances of having a preterm baby, and with twins you don't want to risk that. The food thing is so confusing, just try to be healthy and stay away from alcohol. Good luck.


hailey07 - February 18

Second hand smoke is not good for children or unborn babies, nor is marijuana smoke. Also you want to probably shy away from lots of caffeine. Also one thing not a lot of women know is you should be careful of how much fish you eat- that is if you are a seafood eater, fish can have a high mercury content. If you Google "pregnancy diet" you find some guidelines.


Noodle - February 18

marajuna kills developing brain cells which is why it has such a bad effect on children. during pregnancy your babys brain is constantly developing. if you inhale even second hand marajuna smoke it could seriously risk your babys brain development


jessicaspatherapist - February 18

definitely don't do the tequilla shots anymore....that could cause fetal alcohol syndrome. also, can you ask your dad not to smoke his pipe around you?



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