Barbie Dollz

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Me - February 1

There seems to be a lot of talk about barbie dolls on this web site. Why does everyone seem to like them?


becca - February 1

u wat ?? mabey u should make some sense


me - February 1

Beacuse most of these girls are so young that they should be playing with dolls instead of having s_x and getting kncoked up and using MY money to support their childen that they cannot even look after. A 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15 yr old cannot support a baby and give it the needs it needs.


becca - February 1

rite..... and u played with barbies at 11 up woods i stopped wen i was like 9 and xactly how do u no that we cnt give our babys what they need coz honey u dnt! im 15 and nearly due and i can give it all it needs ill make sure of it its called sacrafise of the things u dnt reli need and y do so many people think that teenagers are incapable to do that so shut up and grow up!!!


me - February 2 are asking her to make some sense...maybe look at what you typed. Also, I don't really care if your 15 and nerly due you will not be able to support it and you are going to not be very educated since you had to drop out of school at what...grade 11?


becca - February 3

i think i made perfect sense ye and xactly y wont i be able 2 suport my baby??? and yea im gettin my gcses and gin 2 college life dosent stop just because a baby comes u have no right to say i wont be able to suport my child because u really dont no me or my situation im not a skank i dont live of benifits i earn my own way and so does my family but actully u can say what u want because I DONT CARE!!! u need to grow up


me - February 4

im not here to pat anyone on the back for having a child so young, or to the people that knock the young ones, i had my first baby when i was 17, and my god was it hard, i thought i had enough money i thought i knew it all, but really i didnt and most of you out there dont either. and your right you can go to college wiht a baby but do you realize that daycare is costly, i work part time just to help out my husband and give me something to do but 2 days aweek for daycare is almost $400, and thats a cheap price. and remember girls what about when the baby gets sick, meds, special food, little guy a hand foot mouth disease last year, would only drink pediasure, thats' 50 bucks a pop. THen your living arrangemets rent, hydro, phone, t,v., diapers , formula, do i need to go on, you will not have enough money unless yo go on welfare, and thats hard $1000 if your lucky is all you get, per month in canada, but with all that said, i still have to say that those that do try, good job, there are some better teen parents than adults. but please think it through. I was lucky and met a very nice man.


becca - February 5

i live in england its differnt over here and yea okay you had ababy young too but dont mean u no we cnt do it u dnt reli no jack to be honest


Lily - February 5

"me" you really need to shut your mouth. People who come here for advice don't need you putting them down. They are atleast trying to get help over something they can't change what happens happens they know it and your insults are unnecessary and they don't help anyone.


me - February 5

im not trying to put anyone down, just simply putting light on how things are, thats it's not a dreamy thing it's very hard. And I did compliment the ones that are pg and are caring for there child, i have great respect for them, was just hoping to change some minds, or make people think before it's to late.



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