Bashing Others

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cheryl - February 10

Why are so many people on this forum bashing people. This forum is for support not to put each other down. I do hope things will change. My mother always said "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.


Mommy2Kylie - February 10

I think everyones Mom said that. But anyways, I agree, there are a lot of people on here who say some pretty horrible things, I've tried to say something ot those people, but it just makes them more mad, so whatever.


Hilary - February 10

If your going to lie, go somewhere else that's my opinion. And also, if you type so horribly I can't understand you... slang is one thing, but not being able to understand... is another.


none - February 10

If you can't understand then how did you reply. You reply made no sense. I gues you just wanted to display your ignorance publicly. I am sorry if my intellect is to intelligent for you to understand and obviously above yours.


To None - February 10

You're joking right? If not, thanks for the laugh! Idiot...


to hillary - February 10

shut up


Krista - February 11

I agree thank u!!


About That - February 11

"Shut Up" Oooo...powerful words. *rolls eyes*


TO km - February 11

I agree. I think this whole thing is pathetic, and people have b__wn it way out of control without even know whats going on.


ibashmorons - February 12

we bash you cos ur all retards fuktards


becca - February 12

km thats fair enough i spelt no that way because i was using slang i dont want a debate i was just asking


WHAT - February 12

No, instead of "know" isn't slang.


Mommy2Kylie - February 12

Yeah, and now people are all bent out of shape because I stuck up for a girl and pointed out these things about Becca, yet Im the immature one, when their doing the exact same thing I was..sticking up for someone. Hmm.


RE: mommie2kylie - February 12

The mature thing would be to get over it and move on.


kristy - February 13

please take my advice if any of you guys are on any type of birth control pills or patches do not smoke it can cause you to have a heart attack I now know that from experince I had one and now I can no longer be on anything other than condoms


becca - February 13

- well with my group of mates thats how our slang is u cant say wat is and is not slang coz u dont no what it is like in differnt areas any way im really bored of talkin about gramma coz this ent a gramma forum its a "pregnancy" forum


Pssh. - February 13

gramma. Shes hopeless everyone.



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