BBC Series About Teen Pregnancy Wants To Hear Your Story

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FWilson - January 7

Mentorn television is making a doc_mentary series for the BBC following teenagers through pregnancy, birth and having a baby. It’s about telling the real stories of teenagers who are pregnant and hearing about your experiences in your words. We’re looking for expectant young girls aged 16 and under from a variety of different backgrounds who live in the UK to feature in the series. So if you are pregnant or you are a parent of a teenager who is currently pregnant we would really like to hear from you. If this sounds interesting and you want to find out more then either reply to this thread or call 0207 258 6926


branjola - January 8

To bad i am over 16, and live in the US. I would make a good candidate other wise. You should really think about having older girls too. Like you still have to be in high or something, and cant be any older than 18. Then people could get more of a feel for women, or young girls from different ages. Just a suggestion. I know i would want to hear the perspective from 18 and younger to really understand every age, and what different perspectives they have.


FWilson - January 8

Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately our brief is to feature girls who are 16 and under only... It is a real shame as I have spoken to a number of women 19 and under who have very interesting stories to tell. I am still looking to hear from people who live in the UK and are interested in finding out more so if you know of anyone suitable please ask them to get in touch. Best wishes Fiona


Lady Marmalade - January 8

I'm in UK but unfortunately 10 years too old! Good programme though. Personally what I'd like to see is more of what happens after birth, even over the first few years of the childs life, if you know what I mean, cos so many teens just think that you have this cute little baby to dress up and take to macdonalds to show off to your friends. I'd love them to see the stark reality of it, maybe it would deter a few. Or older parents who were teen parents, who can relay their experiences. Anyway, look forward to watching whenever it is screened!


Lady Marmalade - January 8

Have you tried the Cow & Gate forum, there might be more brits on there



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