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abriamiacadia - December 10

Hi ya'll! Most of ya'll probably dont remember me, but I was on here like ALL the time last year cause I was preggie. Well My son is now 3 and a half weeks old. I was on BC after I had him, and I took it for a month and used condoms w/ my hubby after the 6wk mark. We just got married in Nov. and went on our honeymoon, and obviously had s_x lol. I was on BC and taking it, but we didnt use condoms. I had a seriously light period a couple weeks ago, like it was one day. and VERY light. Now, I'm having the same cramps I had when I decided to get a preg test last year. I've been cramping and moody and just blugh lately. I know you can get preggy while on BC if your not protected, but I'm just wondering if its possible even if I had that light period. i seriously dont want to find out Im preggy again on my birthday like I did last year lol.


PreciousBaby19 - December 10

Wow, umm I dont know. Have you thought about geting something other than the pill? Depo shot or an IUD? they last longer..and you wont have to worry about them as much. And the pill stops you ovulating but obviously its not 100 percent..so....i would think your alright but yuo never know cause your all messed up after having a baby.


abriamiacadia - December 10

I cant really afford any of that now. After I had Rylan, my state insurance quit, and when I got married, I got kicked off my dads lol. I also forgot to mention, that I quit taking them because we've been pretty much living out of our car til we found an apartment, and I left them at my DH's grandpas house, and my DH couldnt find them. So like i missed a week or 2 of taking them. I found my last pack of pills, but I dont know when to start taking them. And if I take just that pack, and have to quit again, my cycles gonna be all screwed up. My nurse pract_tioner who gave me the pills, told me to take them at the same time each day, and she made me take one in the office at around 3:30, but I'm never at the same place, and I'd forget and wouldnt take them til like 10 pm...are they still affective that way?


lastchance - December 10

That light, one day period could be implantation bleeding...do you know when your period is due? Was the bleeding, perhaps a little earlier than your normal period? Was it light, and pink/brown or was it red and heavy? (Sorry so many questions, but it doesn't sound like you had a period.... need to rule implantation bleeding out.)


stillmourning - December 10

Have you taken a test yet? It is possible to get pregnant while on birth control, especially if you don't take them like you are supposed to.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 10

ok I'm lost...if your son is 3 and a half weeks old...how did you use condoms after the 6 week mark? Also, you had s_x with him right away after you had your son? I'm really confused


abriamiacadia - December 11

Oops thats supposed to be 3 months old. Lol. Sorry for confusing you. I dont know if it came earlier I dont think it did, maybe a couple days before I was expecting it. But it was just light and not as heavy as usual. Usually its like a 5 day thing. I havent taken a test yet. I do know its possible to get preggy on BC because my sister in law's sister got pregnant 2 times on BC. Its just hard to remember them. Sometimes I'd end up missing them altogether, then taking like 2 at a time. So I know my cycle is all screwed up because of that.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 12

Ok that makes sense lol as far as your period, mine have been the same way. The first one I had was extremely heavy...the one after that was normal, and now that I have this one it is lighter then usual...I talked with my gyno and he said it may take up to a year for my period to be fully normal...this one was a day early and I hated it because I always know when I have it. My daughter is 3 months old, will be 4 months on the 27th, she was born August 27th, when was your son born?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 12

Oh and I even had some bleeding and thought it was implantation bleeding but it wasn't, my DH and I only use condoms. But if the BC wasn't taken right or for a long time there is a chance


abriamiacadia - December 12

I hate BC for that reason. My cycles all messed up but i've been feeling the same way I was feeling when I was pregnant w/ Rylans. He was born on August 24. He's also 3 months old. He's growing up sooo fast :(


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 12

Oh how exciting, so close in age...I hate that she is growing so fast, she rolled over November 24th for the first time and has been none stop since then. She grabs EVERYTHING, you should see my checkbook lol from when I was pregnant up until before she grabbed it looked nice and neat, now it looks funny because she always grabs my pen. She was due September 5th but my water bag ruptured so I got induced. Do you have a myspace?


abriamiacadia - December 13

Aw. Rylan rolled over when the first placed him in the crib thing after he was born. My grandma was in the delivery room w/ like 20 thousand other people lol. and she saw it. Lol Ry's fave thing to grab is my hair. And unfortunately my hair is really long lol. Yeah i have a myspace its w w w. myspace . com / bethpur



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