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Hilary - February 7

Why do you harrass mommy2kylie, telling her to keep her legs shut, when she got pregnant at 18, (right) and you SUPPOSEDLY are pregnant at 15. Makes people wonder, why didn't YOU keep YOUR legs shut?


kay - February 8

y r u bein so nasty to becca...???


Hilary - February 8

Kay~ Because she personally attacked a friend of mine. And insulted all teen moms by telling someone to keep her legs shut, what teen mom to be says that


To Hil - February 8

Thanks Hun :)


Hilary - February 8

No prob, I stick up for my girls. LOL and its hard to find someone real on here! LOL Im 100% sure you're real :)


becca - February 8

well now u 2 are personally attacking me and im dyslexic im sorry i didnt no that that was such a problem i apoligised about keepin ur legs shut i was just annoyed and i ent bei nasty 2 teen mums coz im about 2 be one but mommy2kylie u sed they u didnt think u were a young mum then y r u on here


tina - February 9

you say that she insulted you well dont you think ur insulting her wen u keep saying stuff about her grammer she clearly is telling the truth and she has apoligised but yrt u still attack her now you to are the ones in the wrong and she is clearly upset by this


bii - February 9

becca why are you inventing people to stick up for you? You dont need to, just ignore it.


Joanne - February 9

Funny enough girls , there is such a thing as text slang . I am a superviser in schools and alot of teenage girls ( even boys ) do use this mainly in writing letters to each other . Which we do find quite a popular way of writing nowadays . Hilary there are different uses to slang and yes its not good grammer but thats why its called " slang " . Also mommy2kylie if you are 19 hun surly you would have more maturity then to critise younger teens when thats how they are writing these days mobiles , chat ect . Like kay said simply just ask her to write propley as not everyone understands her way of slang. rather then darting right at her with your hurtful comments


D - February 9

Why don't people just type in proper English then there wouldn't be all this POINTLESS fighting.


becca - February 10

do you know what mommy2kylie shut up because ur sadounding really ANNYOING is that simple enough for you to read!!!!!


becca - February 10

to mommy2kylie okay so u want to no what i sed to some one they sed that it was impossible to get pregnant at 10 and i sed its not imposible because a 5 year old got prgnant and had a healthy boy also she claimed 2 be a nurse so i said if u were a nurse u would have known that it wasnt impossible but then she later told me she ment about a 10 year old having twins so i apoligised to her as i must of miss red the post. BECCA o yea and the person i said that to was not a teenage mother or one to be!!!! so i just called you out for being dumb!!!


re: mommy2kylie - February 10 sound like you are the oldest of all of these young ladies, and you also sound like you have it good. But attacking a young lady like Becca is not doing her any good. I have seen your name on alot of posts and you really have alot of opinions and so far the only ones that seem to be that friendly are the ones to whom seem to support your opions. Now if you could possibly refrain from attacking someone who does not seem to have it as good as you, you might actually get respect from this young lady. And respect her for whatever decision she has made and now lives with. You(and Hillary) have no right to actually accuse her of not actually having a learning disorder. This actual disorder if you do know about it, people actually do reverse things ( this not the fancy technical way of explaining it) which I am sure she is a little embarra__sed about as it is. Also Becca if you are reading this, you should try to be proud of yourself and never mind what these to young ladies have to say. I am sure they will try to attack me by calling me names and so on but such is life and I am secure enough to know what I am all about. You however should also maybe refrain from calling them names and adding fuel to the fire. Take care ladies and try to be a little more happy, life is to short for so much anger.


Hilary - February 10

Becca started this by telling someone to keep there legs shut, that person had a child at 18-9, but Becca is pregnant at 15... so who needs to keep their legs shut? According to Becca HERSELF


becca - February 10

thank you for hu ever wrote the post above me yes i did apoligise but then they just made me mad again :)


Re: Hilary - February 10

You just can't be nice can you. Becca has admitted that she made an error in judgement but you won't let it go. I feel sorry for you, you to are so angry.


becca - February 10

to hilary i apoligised for my comment so deal with it



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