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becca - March 13

hey, i had my baby sos ive taken so long to let you all know ive been busy lol she was born on the 10th at 11:34 am weighin 7 14 she is gorgeous we've named her Paris Summer jarvis if you have any Q,s just ask im soooo happy and labour wasnt that bad i had a couple of complications but everything is great :>:>>


katie - March 13

aww congrats becca im so happy for u and thts a really nice glad everything was ok for u in the end


lianne - March 13

arh congratulations hope ur both ok. hope to speak to you soon on msn but i know your busy now with your new baby wish u all the best of luck xxxx


Dee - March 13

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!! Congratulations!!!


Mommy2Kylie - March 13

Congratulations! Do you have any pictures of her?


Hilary - March 13

Congrats! Hily wants pics!


KM - March 14

Congrats Becca.She will be keeping you busy :) good news that you're both healthy.


Karrie - March 14

Awww....congrats. Glad to hear everthings goin great. Stay strong, and keep you and her healthy. God Bless!


becca - March 14

hey thnx all yea i got pics but on my msn account so if ya gimmi yall emails ill send em throu:>:>:>


katie - March 14

aww will u if u can? my msn thing is [email protected] and im really glad 4 u as i said before


Mommy2Kylie - March 14

[email protected]


Kay - March 15

[email protected] :D


lianne - March 15

hya becca you have mine hope u will be able to send me some soon thanks xxxx hope your both ok


Mari - March 15

awwwww i wanna c! [email protected]


Kari - March 15

Congratulations sweetheart and well done! hope all is wonderful with you and your new li'l family xxxx


Reba - March 17

Wow I've been MIA but congrats Becca on your lil girl!


becca - March 17

hey im sendin them now to any one who is waiting to give birth my birth was fine i was really scared before but it wasnt that bad honest i had gas and air and i coped im kinda sad that i dont remeber much and i would defo do it again!! good luck to you all you can do it:)



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