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wondermind - January 18

Alright, before you found out how far along you where( found out, in genearl that you where in fact pregnant) how where you feeling? A lil quizy? Bloated? Did you have crampings? Did you have a runny nose( i herd that a runny nose is an indication of an early pregnancy)? How where you feeling? What where all the symtoms you had? What made you feel that you could be pregnant? How did you know for sure? By a missed period? Just out of curiousty. Thankx


Kristina - January 18

I don't think I had any symptoms...and if I did have a runny nose I probably blamed it on the fact that it was february..I took a test when I missed my period.


Krista - January 18

i found out i was pregnant when i was 8 weeks along. before that i didnt have any symptoms, they dont show up as early as alot of people say.


steff - January 19

to be honest before i found out i was pregnant i dont think i had any syptoms, atleast i didnt notice them anyway. i was very sleepy and felt bloated all of the time but thats it. i found out when i was 5 weeks pregnant


chris - January 19

With my daughter I just knew.One week before I was suspose to get my period I all of a sudden had a feeling I was pregnant.There was no logical reason I was on BC.With the exceptions of being extra tired and peeing more I had a flawless pregnancy witha speedy labor and delivery.With my son I wasn't trying or not trying.I gave nature one year to see what would happen.Once again I just knew.The second time I did have some minor back pain,being extra tired and peeing more,other then that easy.Followed by anther speedy labor delivery.My friend on the hand had symptoms before her period was due.She cuold get sick by just looking at certian colors.Hope you have a easy and uncomplacted pregnany.(if you are pregnant)


lauren - January 19

my period was 1 weeks late. i also found a lump in my left b___st, it scared me first then my friend told me to get a pg test an it came bk pos an now im 21weeks! do u think u are preg if so wot are ur symtoms.....


author to post - January 19

Well the thing is, it hink that i am as well. But i have herd that when you are the major symtom that you are having is peeing more but that is something i am not having. All iknow, is that my lower back hurts continously. My niples/b___bs hurt all the time. I am having some slight head achs off n on. I dotn really feel ill to my stomah or anything, but there are times that sertin smells will irrate my stomah, as well as if i take a bite out of something, sometimes the taste of it just does not work well with me. I was having s_x from the 17 of Dec to the 9th of Jan. Sometime, during the 20's of feb, i receive my period everything was normal, and continued having s_x. I just dont kno what to look for because this will be my 3rd preg scare and i dont want to get my hopes up thinking okay i am, if it will turn out that i am not.


sory about the typo - January 19

I am sory, i did not make it clear, hahah, sometime during the 20s if DECEMBER is when i recieved my period. and just continued having s_x.


Shana - January 27

My b___bs were really tender, hurt just to touch them, I was eating more, had cravings (but didn't realize it at the time), and I was more tired. Then when I found out that I was indeed pregnant all of those symptoms made sense.


stephanie campos - January 27

i dont know how to tell you at this point i think im haveen one to the reason why be cause i feel reall sick


Grandpa Viv - January 27

Hey author to post! You probably ovulated the first week of January and you were having (unprotected?) s_x right along. Your signs are strong, and if you have a 28 day cycle you are already late. Take a test tomorrow morning first pee, and if that is not positive take another a week later, Good luck!


stephanie campos - January 30

no look at school i was really sleep and my stomach hurted alot next thing you know i was thowing up and it does not matter if you miss your period cause the frist month i missed it then the nexted i got it and ever seen then i have not had it i talked to my teacher about it and he said that some times that happens like i had it good one day and the next it would onlt come out a little and yes you get bloated



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