Before You Have Sex With An 18 Or Over Guy

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Isabel - September 20

Tell him if he's just trying to use you for s_x, (WHICH MOST OF THEM ARE) tell them you'll report him to the police for statutory rape. to find out the statutory rape laws in your state. ALSO IF YOUR PARENTS FIND OUT, THEY CAN ALSO SEND HIS @SS TO JAIL. He would then have to register as a s_x offender every year in his community. Know about the risks you are taking.


amanda - September 20

yes it is true that a lot of them just want s_x but that is not always the case. i was 12 when i started dating a 19yr old and he waited until i was ready. now we have been together for 5yrs and married for 3. but we went through a lot of c___p to be together and he didn't falter for 1 second so i know that he really loves me. if u r involved with an older guy and he is pushing u into having s_x before u r ready then kick him to the curb, and be careful because he can get in trouble and if ur parents know that it is going on and they allow it they can also get in trouble!


blonde girl - September 20

Well, I agree with Isabel and I think those girls that this post applies to will not be clever enough to take it on board. If they are so stupid as to have underage s_x in the first place then they are in no way intalligent enough to take any of this information in anyway. Sad but true.


blonde girl - September 20

Amanda, (just before I forget), you claim you have been with your partner since the age of 12. Then you say you've been together 5 years making you 17. You claim to have been married for 3 years now so that tells us you were married at 14? How are we supposed to believe that? What country do you live in? i know in Britain the legal age for marrying is 16 and also 16 is the age of consent for s_x too (in Britain). I don't understand how the age of consent in America is approximately 18 (varying between states) so how can it be that a girl could be married at 14 when she cannot legally consumate the marriage? Maybe you're not American but most people on this site are. Also, what parent is going to be happy that their 12 year old is dating a 19 year old and worse still, their little girl is 14 and marring a 21 year old? Dude, that is messed up! So please feel free to inform me otherwise as it does not make much sense on first impressions? Thank you xx


amanda - September 20

i am american and i did get married at 14 with my mothers consent in alabama where it is legal. and i really dont care if u think it is messed up because i have a good life with a good husband and most people have to wait to find what i have. i am very lucky and happy.


lee - September 20

hi i think that you were rude blode girl and yes u must be a blonde cause there are lots of states that will let u get married at 14 with parrental concent and what did u mean by"Maybe you're not American but most people on this site are" who cares anymore i think that it dont matter she just wanted to give her opinion


blonde girl - September 20

Amanda, I am sorry if you feel offended I was not meaning to come across that way, I just was not aware you could get married that young over there. thank you for letting me know, I do respect your choices and you seem very happy so that is all great :-) Lee, I wasn't being rude i just meant most people i've spoken to on here are american. I'm not so why would i know what state laws are? 14 is very young. I'm not saying Amanda is not happy or that her marriage is any less valid. I just don't see how a country would let you get married before you're old enough to have s_x- unless maybe the age of consent is 14 there too. Surely you can see that it is confusing for me to see many posts on the teen forum telling 16 and 17 year olds that they are too young to have babies and that their partners have commited statutory rape and then you are telling me it is okay for a 14 year old to be married? And that's not messed up? I don't mean Amanda's situation is messed up, I mean America's laws are messed up cos there are such big differences when it comes to what age you have to be to have s_x! I live in Britain, we have 4 separate countries within Britain but the age of consent is 16 for all of our countries as Britain itself is a united kingdom (though we aren't technically a 'king'dom now as we have the Queen). And before anyone says it, no I'm not trying to berate America as a country I just find it very bizarre that you have such big differences. I guess it's just too big a place to regulate these kind of things. Finally, yes I am blonde. And? I can justify what I have said on this thread and I am not making a personal attack on Amanda I am sure her life is a very happy one and I do no grudge her that for one second. As she says, most people are not so fortunate and she should be very happy that she is one of the lucky ones. To judge somebody based on the colour of their hair shows that you, Lee, are very immature. If all you can say is 'yes u must be a blonde ' then it shows that you did not read my post. I mentioned Britain twice and you expect me to be up to date on the laws of America? That says a lot about your knowledge of the rest of the world if you expect all other nations to know about each separate state's laws! :-) Again. I agree with Isabel and sorry to take attention away from your post there. Isabel's points are valid and well informed, Amanda's point is again well informed as it is based on personal experience so I respect that. Lee, your point has nothing to do with the original matter that this thread is discussing. xxxx


helpful - September 20

In American, you can get your parent's permission to get married under the age of 18. Amanda, Congratulations on your marriage. Your marriage last longer than some adults I know and wasted a wedding gift on. Isabel, I agree with you. Blonde girl, you sound(typing) stress. Calm down


~~Melissa~~ - September 21

All those older men just want some easy imature little girl to sleep with. That is sick!


Anonymous - September 21

Im 14 and I found out my so-called boyfriend who is 19 just wanted s_x. I gave it up to him 2mo ago. He broke up with me and I found out that he lives with another girl since I was with him. I am hurt, I thought he really loved me, he said it and was really nice. I don't want him to get away playing me, and I want him to go to jail. I don't care if my parents find out, but how do I do it? What do I have to do? I told him he is going to be sorry. Any help?


Anonymous - September 21

I am also going to turn 15 in a few days, can I still press charges?


Yes - September 23

Tell your mom


jay - September 26

i am confused? if you were 14 and he was 21 when you guys got married i dont see how that happened? with the code of conduct and all and that being statatury rape? maybe you can help me? if you are 15 and just dating a 21 year old can he get into trouble? maybe u would know since u were fourteen and married a 21 year old


amanda - September 26

yes he can get into trouble if you are 15 and dating a 21 yr old. its a little weird isn't it? that you can get married in some states at a young age but you can not date someone who is over the age of 18. i don't know why they made such contradicting laws. but anyway you can get in if you are a minor and he is over 18.



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