Being A Teen Mom Isnt That Bad

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Destiny - November 5

I am 21 yrs old, and I am pregnant with my fifth child! My eldest is 7, then 5, 2 and 6months (oh and one in the oven!). I am have been married since I was 18, My husband and I were together since we were 13. My first pregnancy at 13 was a mistake, but the rest were totally planned! Yeah sure being a teen mom is hard, but the joys outweigh the bad things by far. Good luck teen moms !


blah - November 5

four kids and one on the way! I am suprised your internal organs dont all fall out when u walk! How can s_x even satisfy u anymore!


KM - November 5

blah-you are so ignorant. The v____a had the most versatile muscles.They will loosen for childbirth and they tighten up again after, almost back to their original size. I don't think they get any looser with subsequent babies.So before you open your mouth, think a little do you don't make yourself look like such an idiot.


rikki - November 5

r u a freakin psycho? i mean, how did you come up with enough courage to even get pregnant again? in 14, and my own daughter's 6 months, but after the 37 hours of labor i experienced, i doubt i will ever have another one. it was all worth it, but that doesnt mean that i want to go through it...again.


KM - November 5

rikki, I'm sorry your labour experience was so bad.But keep in mind its not like that for everyone, and also your labours get shorter with each baby you have


jada - November 5

tell me something with these 4 kids what have you accomplish in life? what r your golds to keep having babies?


Destiny - November 6

I am have been completing a degree in Scence and psychology by correspondence, which i will finish by end of 2006. Before that I completed my high schooling by correpondance :). My husband has his own business so i do the book work for that :) I am motivated i have goals :)


redeem - November 6

your story should go out to all the teen girls who want to get pregnant as the success side aspect. I congratulate you on all 5 of your children. Just how many more are you planning on having anyway?


jada - November 6

good to here that :-)


Destiny - November 6

lol... This is definately my last!!! I am having my tubes tied after the birth!!! I just wanted to post my story to let all teen mums know that getting pregnant doesnt mean that you life is ruined! I must admit that having support around you, like your mother, the fathers baby, and other family is a MUST!!! I could not have persued my goals of studying without their help, and i especially would have gone crazy after the first child had it not been for my mother and mother in law helping me and giving me advice! I just hold my head up high, i love my children, and actually being a young mum is good in that you have a better understanding of children, and i have more energy to play etc. Good luck to all the other young girls out there who have children!


ashley - November 7

destiny what did you do about school when you had your first baby or did your baby go to daycare


Destiny - November 10

I was homeschooled for the first 6 months, then i returned to school for half days and various family members cared for her while i was at school. When she turned 18 months she went to day care


red - November 13

I'm glad you've had a good experience but watch how you word some of the things you say. You may be encouraging some of these teens to have babies they are not ready for. But I have to congradulate you on your success despite having kids so young.


Destiny - November 14

I am not encouraging teen pregnancy. I am simply sharing that although hard it can be a good experience. I think that if a girl gets pregnant due to a story she read on a forum, then she is obviously extremly influcncial and in that case it probably would have happened anyway.


honey - November 24

dear 21 one old teen mom, i married at 8 and m still married but i have triplets(identical girls).i know i sound like a s___t because i am only thirteen but no matter what people say-I LOVE MY LIFE THE WAY IT IS AND I LOVE MY HUSBAND EVEN THOUGH MY PARENTS DISOWNED ME AND I AM IN FOSTER CARE ALONE WITH MY FAMILY.And people are trying 2 take my babies from me but failing i have a strong family.


me - November 24 yea right... Get a life and stop making up c___p!


Audrey - November 24

To Honey- What country are you in? There's no place that I know of that allows legal marriage at 8 years old, and most countries prosecute any man who has s_xual relations with a girl younger than 14. You are lucky that so far nobody has been able to take your children, but unfortunately it's only a matter of time before the law will catch up. Best of luck.



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