Beware Of Fake Teens

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les22 - May 21

there are girls on here claiming to pregnant when they are not. i do not believe they are even girls. do not give out your email adress to anyone. these people are taking advantage of vulnerable girls. have a look on other teen sites for the same email ad under dif names and with dif due dates etc and you will see exactly what i mean.


Lauz - May 21

I dont get it.why would you fake a pregnancy? I mean does it give them a kick or something? my sisters baby photos were taken and someother girl said it was her baby but yea your right there are alot of fakers but there is fakers on all websites but we can all stick together and get on with it lol xxx


les22 - May 21

i think its the whole attention thing. some of them seem to be adults. for them it must be an easy way to meet vulnerable young girls.


Evonna - May 21

Les22 is right, be careful who you give your e-mail addy to because some of the topics i've read were not making any sense at all. Especially since this site is basically nothing but females and which is an easy target for the old nasty men to mess with girls on here. Yes, they are 'freaks' everywhere you go, but i'm saying just don't trust anybody on here and exchange personal info.


midnight_drift - May 22

I totally agree, I haven't really met anyone who has "faked" yet, but I've "heard" the rumors. It made me very upset when someone near me said I was faking it just so I could get attention, and I had to pull out the positive HPT just to prove it, and it made me really sad... why do people fake it... personally, it doesn't really get me attention.. I mean if a persons looking for BAD attention... x_x; ( Not saying I'm embarra__sed or anything...)


lucky-star - May 22

yer i no wat u mean les22 take a look at jade1991's post one min shes 12 weeks pregnant the next she has been raped and has given birth and got postpartum deppression


lucky-star - May 22

and do u n wat makes me so angry about her is that i was raped and i am now pregnant with twins i am so scared !!! and i would never have thought of making that up i mean who would ever want to be in my situation 14 was raped and now carrying the rapists babies not saying i dont love my babies but its a living nightmare xxxx


les22 - May 22

she was say at first that she got preg by her boyfriend who is 30 or something then she started all the c___p about being raped. one of my friends was raped and kept her baby. she was told she may not concive as she has pcos. she just thot something good came out of something bad but it caused severe depression throughout her pregnancy and she is only just getting over it now


les22 - May 22

it is so sick to make something like that up. it makes you wonder who these people are cos it just seems to me that these "stories" are not being written by teens.


maren - May 22

yea i called that jade1991 on that to and posted right in one of her post that she is a fake because she had like 2 or 3 different stories out. but someone poor tasted my posts and they got deleted.


K-Lynn - May 22

Ok, I'm confused. So is Jade1991 pregnant, already a mom or just faking it? People like this are sick. Girls who really need help come on here and people don't know it but they are wasting their time and advice on people who aren't even pregnant or expecting!!! This irritates me :(


midnight_drift - May 22

Jade1991 really IS confusing... it's like, she has s_x with her older boyfriend, gets pregnant, then has the baby 2/5/06? and she is pregnant again? And then it's she was raped??? BY him??????? Lying about that is really horrible, but maybe she isn't.. I don't know. And that unsure_baby_16 or something, she confuses me too. One minute she is pregnant, the next she doesn't know if she is, and then she is 13 weeks or something, and in one she is like only 4? or 8-9???? Doing that for attention is dumb, because people will find out, and believe you less and less and less.


Corrine321 - May 22

Well I can tell you that the Jade1991 girl never had a baby.. She added me to msn and stuff, and she told me the truth because I told her why does she have all these stories going around? and she told me that she says that to make her feel better... she lost her baby at 13 weeks.. and i guess it makes her feel better about herself if she says that she has a baby.. and she really was raped by her stepfather.. She told her parents and now the stepdad is in jail.. so yeah thats what she told me anyway, i dont know if its true or not..


les22 - May 23

i think she was just saying that so you would feel sorry for her and continue being her "friend". she really does seem to be lying


Evonna - May 23



kristi17 - May 23

i think all the fakes need lives. i love my baby girl and everything and when i was pregnant, i got used to it and it was a good feeling. but being a pregnant teen isnt the most interesting thing in the world that you need to make stories up. its not like a fitting in thing. i hope no one takes that the wrong way...sorry if i offend anyone by saying that


mickey87 - May 23

seriously lol,,,, what a fool who fakes being pregnant and says they got raped and says all these differnt storys on the same forum she must either be reallllll stupid or thinks we r haha...



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