BIG Mistake My Story Am I Or Not

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concerned - August 31

Okay heres my story.. I was ALWAYS the christian girl that said she wouldn't have s_x before marriage and this and that... but one day i had a s_xual encounter with a friend. We did not actually have intercourse... we were fooling around WITH our underpants on and then he stuck his thing in me for like one minute and then took it out. He did not actually stick it all the way in and i'm pretty sure he didn't do anything while in me. This happened on a Monday aug. 9th. I came on my period four days afterwards on a thursday at around 9 or 10 o' clock. It was ON TIME but it was very light at the beginning (brownish blood) then the next day it was a medium flow (very dark blood) but not like my REGULAR periods which are usually heavy at first and then light towards the end. This paticular "period" lasted about 4-5 days with barely any cramps. It was more of a bloody discharge and I saw light peices of tissue. Each day it got lighter and lighter and towards the end it just turned into a light brownish color (which usually happens at the end of my REGULAR periods). I took a test on the 7th day after my encounter and it turned out negative (but i think i took it too soon). Then two weeks after i took another test that came out negative. But my question is... should i STILL have anything to worry about. I know that during the early stages of pregnancies you can have light bleeding but I've been REALLY stressed out even before I came on my "period". Could this be the reason why my period was lighter than usual?... So according to the calender i'm suppose to be ovulating aug. 28 - sept. 1st but lately I've been having the feeling like i have to spit all the time, my stomach growls ALL the time even after i eat (feels like my bowels are moving constantly, especially at night), i had diahrea for about 2-3 days on & off, i've been having a very watery discharge & before this it was very milky and white (looked exactly like milk) My br___ts were tender before I came on my period and now that it has ended my br___t LOOK bigger but they're not tender they're more firmer. But should I still have something to worry about? Please respond as soon as you can. Thanks to those who took the time to read this. And please pray and wish me luck that I am NOT pregnant. Thank you!


Shorty - August 29

Babe, whenever you have a s_xual encounter, it can change things. The bleeding (brownish blood) is normal, as having s_x or even being fingered ect can effect the so called "workings" of the menstral cycle. When you are s_xually active periods tend to hurt more, don't ask me why but they do. Pregnancy tests usually work best the first day of a missed period, and if you have taken a couple and they are negative, then I would say you are in the clear. Plus you have had a period, which basically tells that your chance of being pregnant is like 1-2%.PLUS it was not your most fertile time and it sounds like he only stuck it in. Look its your body, and only do things that you feel comfortable in doing, and if you do decide to have s_x before marriage, it is your choice, and God is not going to look at you any less. You just need to be comfortable with your choices, have the right motives, and be responsible about things and willing to accept the consequnces of actions, such as pregnancy and STDS.


concerned - August 29

Thanks for the advice. I'm the type of girl that gets paronoid about situations like this. Everybody says that theres a chance that i'm NOT and that i just have to wait and see how my next period looks like. I never intended it to go that far - in fact i didn't even know he stuck it in until i looked down. But i'm still going to get a blood test and get checked out. Once again thanks.


concerned - August 30

okay why do i have an increase of excess spit and salivation? i keep swallowing my saliva... and my stomach keeps growling even though i just ate a big meal. and i feel like i'm leaking and everytime i look to see whats going on down there it looks like i've wet my pants or something. and i noticed the area around my nipples do look really big. why is this happening if i am not pregnant? these three things are worrying me the most. ahhh it's driving me crazy.


Shorty - August 30

Calm down... you are stressing yourself out, and that can effect how you are feeling. First of all, when was your last normal period, and when in your cycle did he penetrate you? You ovulate about 12 to 14 days before your next period and those days are the most fertile time, before that you are least likley to be pregnant. I would take another test, if this one turns out negative, I would be very very surprised if you are pregnant. Your v____a leaks a clear whiteish liquid through various stages of your cycle, so that is something normal, and it can vary in heavyness, hey I get it too where sometimes you think you are leaking or have your period and it is just the clear discharge. Breasts usually get tender before a period, so that is normal. If you have missed a period, I would be concerned but you have not and getting your period while pregnant is really really rare. Especially because this was your first time in regards to being penetrated by a guy, I can understand why you are nervous, but you need to remember, he was not in you all the way, if he released himself inside you, you would have noticed as it does seep out afterwards ( what goes up, must come down) and from the dates that you give, you would have been at your least fertile time. Usuallt symptoms dont show up until a few weeks after conception, and the first one of those is usually the missed period. Like I said, take another test, and if its neg, you are in the clear


concerned - August 30

my last NORMAL period was on July 12th...than i had my light period on Aug. 13th and he penetrated me on the 9th of Aug. I know i'm probablly trippin, sorry.


concerned - August 31




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