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Amanda - August 10

OK girls- so heres the deal, im 16 n me n my boyfriend have been together for a while, about a lil more than 1year, n we both want a baby; up intil about march of this year i had been usin the pill [ i was on it for about 2 yr] n we havent used any type of protection since march, my periods have been very very iregular n one time i didnt have my period for three monthes [may-july] than sumtime in july i got it, i took tests durin that time n they all came up negative. Now my period is about 5 days late and im not really sure what to do anymore. since my period is so irregular i dont no if that means that i wont be able to get prg. or what? Also i got another question. My previous b.f n i had s_x without a condom [while i was on the pill] late i found out that his dad had given his mom an STD that now she cant have anymore kids- could he have gotten that passed down to him while she was prg. and now i might have gotten it, and also i had been tested after we had had unprotected s_x [w.o a condom] wouldnt it have showed up? What do yal think? you can reply here or send me an email at [email protected]


TTC - August 10

You are most likely to get pregnant during ovulation. Around day 15 of your cycle. If you are irregular it doesn't mean you can't get pregnant it just means it will be harder to know when the best time is. I think you should really reconsider a baby right now you are so young and have your whole life ahead of you. i'm not saying you are not ready to be a parent but there are a lot of things you will miss out on in life if you have a baby this young. Good luck to you whatever you decide.


Lee - August 24

im actualy on the pill for my irrigular periods once as i stop taking them i have no periods light period heavy periods periods that last for 2 to 3 weeks and ur only 16 u dnt wnt a baby im 17 and hav a girl its hard work and i have given up alot of things like hanging out with my mates buying things because of the lack of money for u u should wait till u start feeling symptoms of pregnency



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