Biggest Scare Everr

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crombiiex3babiie - February 12

oO mann. Saturday night was absolutlyy horrifiyingg I am now 5 months preg. & on saturday me & my boyfriend were hangingg out. before we went to get dinner we ended up fooling around. I read on a lot of websites that it was fine to have s_x while your preg. so I didnt think anything bad could happen! so we go out to dinner about a half hour later. & I go into the bathroom & I see blood everyywhere.! I was so scared. I ran out of the bathroom histericlyy cryingg (my b.f said I looked petrified) & I told him I was bleeding. He didnt get in at first but then it clicked & we got into the car & he was calling his sister to see if it was normal or if I should go to the hospital but she didnt answer her phone. So thankfullyy my half`sisiter lived around where we were so he called her & told her we were coming over becasue I couldnt get any words out of my mouth I was shaking & all that. So we went over there & she called her mom & she said to call the doctor so basiclyy I ended up in the E.R for liek 6 hours. I was so scared that something happend to the babyy!!! when I got there my dad refused to let my b.f come in w. me so I was really scared because at that moment all I wanted was for him to hold me & be there for mee. butt theyy couldn`t find the heart beat with the machine thingyy && I got soo scaredd. I was all by my self because they wouldn`t let my dad stay in the room w. me. so I was crying histericallyy because I was soo worried. then when my dad came back in they did the sonogram & they said the baby was fine & I should just take it easyy for the next few dayss & not fool around so much anymore. I was so thankful the baby was okay!


lil-miss-saunders - February 12

Oh my god, what a horrible experience that must of been! Im glad everything seems to be going fine now though! x


AmericanReject - February 12

your dad wouldn't let him come in...why the hell not? i mean i dont mean to be rude....but hes the father...and what you gonna do when you go into labour...hes not allowed in with you then either..hunny i know hes your dad...but i wouldn't let him tell you what to do like that..i ditched myparents for the same reason...they are very controlling...and this isn't meant to be glad the baby is fine...and i think you should stay away from v____al s_x until baby is born...i would just do oral...good luck


krista-lee - February 12

that musy have been horrifing for you! i can understand why your dad wouldnt let your bf go in, sounds like he blamed him for it, but thats what our fathers do right? lol. Anyways it isnt easy to find a heartbeat that early without an ultrasound. How old are you? When are you due? i have a piczo site if u wanna trade emails or something! let me know. piczo . com / emybear08


babyonboard16 - February 12

Wow, that must have been horrible. I'm glad everything is good with you and the baby though.


crombiiex3babiie - February 12

yeah my dad didnt let him in becasue only one person was aloud in & he wanted to go in with me (even though he really wasnt aloud in teh room) but yeah Im 15 im due July 3rd. I find out in 3 days if im having a boy or a girl. Im so excited I am so thankfull everyhtinggs okay w. the babyy though I would be a wreck if it wasnt


Noodle - February 12

i think it was so unfair your dad wouldn't let your partner in, its not like he hasnt seen your bits before! how unfair. you know that if you say something to the hospital then they will override your dads descision and let your partner stay.


crombiiex3babiie - February 12

yeah. well I was shook up I couldnt get any words out of my mouth it was like I had a stroke alll I could do was cryy && I would reach my hand out like when I was a baby for Jayy to hold my hand (jays my b.f)



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