Biracial Baby 16 And Pregnant

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Kiki - June 27

I'm 16 and i'm 8 months pregnant im having a girl. I'm just curious how my baby will look its gonna be a mixed baby. I'm Native American & Black and my boyfriend is full black he has brown skin and i have real light skin and my hair is curly but i always starighten it out. Most people say mixed babies are the cutest babies.How many of you all have a mixed baby or know anybody thats mixed?


???? - June 27

who cares!! you need to worry about how your gonna support this baby! it's not a doll!! did'nt you think about this before you opened your legs???


Grandpa Viv - June 27

My granddaughter is half Caucasian and half Sudanese, and she is the cutest. She says her skin is "cinnamon".


support4you - June 27

Hey Kiki, how are you?? i dont have a mixed baby or know anyone that does but when i see one they are sooo cute. well if you wanna chat feel free to email me at [email protected] Good luck


Le - June 27

Sorry, but as you see there are a lot of cruel people in this world. Im sure your baby will be beautiful...I've seem a wide variety of mixed babies, black n white, japanese n black...etc. Just pray that your blessed with a healthy baby! Best of Luck!


Michelle - June 27

well, only caucasians babies are pretty, at least for caucasians


to michelle - June 27

thats kind of racist michelle


to michelle - June 27

you need your a__s kicked!!! stupid b___h


Ashley - June 28

Kiki- of course you probably know that how the baby will look is impossible for anyone to predict. The babys looks will depend on the genes of both the mother and father. Possibly it will have your characteristics and also some of your partners. But to help ease your curiosity just know that every baby is unique and adorable! No matter what their race. Once you hold your little one, you will fall in love with her no matter what she looks like. What others think doesnt matter, just keep thinking about how this miricle is part of you and youll love it no matter what! Good luck


Em - June 28

Mixed Race babies are cute, but you will love her however she looks. Itll be a nice surprise!


helpful h - June 28

Im white and i think that mixed babies are the cutest.I personally wouldnt have one(not to be racist).I think that no matter the skin color, the baby is cute.When babies are first born they kinda are weird looking but once they hit around 3 or 4 months they are so cute and everything they do makes you laugh


Nicole - June 28

All babies are cute, I think every mother thinks their own baby is the most beautiful !


Britni - June 29

Hey Kiki, your baby will beautiful i'm white and everytime i see a mixed race baby they are the cutest especailly if there mixed with black. And to Michelle you are wrong about only caucasions babys are pretty im not trying to racist but some caucasion babys be having bald heads and i'm not saying that be mean.


a mom - June 29

My daughter is just over three yrs. old, we are caucasian, but when she see's a mixed baby, she most smitten! She calls black babies, "chocolate babies", sounds sweet doesn't it?


lindsay hill - June 29

i have a mixed white and blck son he is 18 months he so smart and bitiful every body says that he could be on tv


JessMarie - June 29

ummm Michelle go to the forum you belong the one for babies of the KKK. Stupid racist b___h! KiKi your baby sounds like she is going to be beautiful and good luck! My boyfriend is and white...and his baby pictures are adorable..


asdf - June 29

My nephew's 3 1/2, half-white, half filipino..and hte most adorable kid in the world(of course I'm biased. It's my nephew!)



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