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Shari - July 30

Hi yas, I just really felt that this would be a good topic to talk about as many young women are posting on this site about anwanted or unplanned pregnancys, and I was like.... what bout birth control. Now I am from Australia and I know that birth control is fairly easy to get over here via perscription from the doctors, but I am not sure how it works in the States?!?! I just feel for chicks who post on this site, scared out of their brains that they might be a mum soon and did not want that to happen. To me, precautions need to be taken while having s_x in and outside of marriage and a relationship. I know that this may seem really harsh, but please to not be offended as I am not wanting to dis anyone here, but do you think there needs to be birth control for women or a health plan that is more readily available so that it is is our grasps. Coz I read on these posts and stuff that if you don't have health insurance then its pretty hard to get alot of stuff and I think with teenage pregnancy being on the rise, young chicks need to be able to have a variety of affordable options in regards to birth control.Just wanted to know ur thoughts on this stuff. Thanks for your time guys :-)


Shorty - July 29

I catch your drift, yeah there needs to be more contraceptive available to girls and also letting guys know that they are responsible in s_x to and getting a girl pregnant.


Shelly - July 30

Where i lived before i moved girls had help w/ birth control stuff like that w/ out their familys finding out and you didnt need insurance, but i dont live around there anymore


Anon - July 30

Where I live, You can go to a clinic, without your parents knowing, and get birth control based on your income, If you didnt have a job, it was free. All they really ask for are donations. I think that they should do the same with Birth Control as they are doing here in the states about weight loss...all of a sudden everything is about counting carbs, Well if they advertise about Birth control, Teen pregnancy might drop. And yes GUYS do need to understand that they are a BIG part in s_x too and in getting a girl pregnant, It's so easy for a guy to walk away and say no i dont want it, But the girl is stuck with raising a child by herself. That should come to an end. Just my thoughts lol


brucen - July 30

The difference in America has a lot to do with att_tudes towards s_x. It's almost taboo for teens to ask about s_x because some parents just don't want to face the truth that their teen is quickly becoming a young adult. Teachers can’t talk about it for fear of offending some parent who would rather bury his/her head in the sand. The problem stems from lack of education. If more teens had the unbiased facts about s_x and how to prevent pregnancy then the rate of teen pregnancy goes down. This has been proven in other countries where s_x education is taught to all teens. Education on ALL OPTIONS available to prevent and terminate pregnancy and STD’s is imperative. Abstinence, while in theory a wonderful thing, is impractical. The government is funding educating kids on abstinence, rather than s_x education and the prevention of pregnancy and STD’s. It’s obvious that the abstinence message is falling on deaf ears, especially when we sell s_x to kids. Messages sent by media and entertainment industry, even advertisers are not helpful in promoting abstinence. I don't see the correlation between a half naked woman and sneakers, but s_x sells and we sell it to our kids. Then we turn around and say well that’s only for "adults". I agree with that, but stop sending mixed messages. The key to prevention is education.


Suzanne - July 30

There are options for birth control here in America. But because of the lack of s_x education, and the taboo around discussing s_x, teens do not know, nor do they feel comfortable calling someone about getting birth control. There are MANY places that a teen can get birth control for free. Call your local health department and/or the local Crisis Pregnancy Services [both are listed in your local phone book no matter what state you live in]. They can help you or direct you where to go to get birth control. Insurance is not an issue, as both the health department and a__sistance from the pregnancy centers are free. Hope this helps!



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