Birth Control And Maybe Pregnant

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abbybby - February 20

hey everyone im new and this is my question. Well I have been on BC for almost 3 years and i have been taking it like im supposed to but last month my "period" came 5 days early which I thought was werid. Well this month I was supposed to have my period starting on tuesday and it hasnt came yet. Im scared. I have been with my Boyfriend 2 1/2 years and been engaged for about 5 months. Im 17 and he is 18. Thank you all so much.


abbybby - February 20

oh ya the "period" was only about 3 days and was very light. also i didnt think about stopping taking my pills and i really hope that if im pregnant it wont hurt my baby.


amanda17 - February 20

It sounds like that "period" was implantation bleeding. Take a test right away, if it comes out positive, stop taking your birth control.


abbybby - February 20

ok i will do and thank you so much for writing back.


abbybby - February 24

update well last friday i started to bleed. it was very very light and it was very pink. not a normal period. well that all ended when i woke up on saturday. so im still very much confused.


amanda17 - February 24

Hmmmm could be a variety of things. I'd put my money on that being a crazy period, but you should take a test and call your doctor to get his opinions on the matter.


Krissy25 - February 24

It's not unusual for periods to be lighter than normal sometimes while on the pill, it has happend to me. Sometimes they are so light i'm convinced i must be pregnant and take a test only to find out i'm not. What concerns me a little here is that the "period" you had last month was 5 days early. It's a little odd, especially if you were still on the active pills. You should take a test just to be sure you are not pregnant, and if you are not pregnant and your period is still acting odd you should see your doctor to find out what is going on.


abbybby - February 26

i made a doctors appointment for march 3rd and i will talk to them about it. thank you all so much.



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