Birth Control And Pregnancy

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Jade - October 2

Hi. I am 18 years old and I have been on the pill for a little under 2 years (I was put on it because my cycles were very irregular- only 2x a year). My boyfriend and I have been s_xually active for about a year now and we've already had one pregnancy scare. Just this past month, I messed around with my pill so I could have my period later in the month. Basically, I stopped taking my pill for 1 week and then started where I left off. Exactly 1 week after I started taking my pill again, my boyfriend and I had s_x. This morning, I woke up with nausea and a little bit of dizziness. I never get the flu (I haven't gotten if for the past 4/5 years) and I've always been very healthy. I'm not really worried about being pregnant because, if I am, then I am. I'm just wondering: how possible is it to get pregnant after messing with the pill like that? Also, how soon after conception can you have the symptoms of pregnancy (aka- morning sickness)? Thanks!


Viv - October 4

Hmmm! Messing with the pill like that can have unpredictable results. I've heard of taking more pills in order to delay a period, but not quitting early. Symptoms appear a week after conception. Wait 2 weeks after symptoms appear before testing. When messing with pills, use backup contraception until the cycle is re-established.


Lame - October 4

So you blatantly and deviously tried to get knocked up by screwing with your pills. Clever. I am sure when people ask you how you got pregnant you will claim to have "gotten pregnant on the pill". And don't feed us a line of c___p that you needed to get your period later in the month for some real reason. You can't be so stupid as to think that stopping the pill for 1 week could have not the most serious consequence! Pathetic


GuitarJade - October 4

No! I did not "blatantly and deviously" try and get myself pregnant... that's that last thing I want. And I didn't NEED to get my period later... I WANTED to get it later because I didn't want to be PMSing during my birthday and finals. And, to be 100% truthful, my boyfriend and I hadn't had s_x in over a month because we were fighting... and therefore I didn't think we were going to be having s_x anytime in the near future! Don't call me pathetic when you don't know ME or MY REASONS for doing what I did. If you can't be helpful, maybe you should keep your mouth shut.


Lame - October 4

blah blah blah.... you are so FOS.


GuitarJade - October 4

You know, you should get a life instead of pestering people. People who have screwed up and are scared don't need the likes of you berating them and causing them pain... they need help!


GuitarJade - October 4

First things first, I've already told him about me messing with my BC and he's ok... and secondly, I know I need help, that's why I'm here. Question is, why are you?


Lame - October 4

To offer my two-cents as this is a public forum. Don't like it? Use a private telephone helpline.


LAME!!!!!!!!!!! - October 4

Oh, and you seem awfully excited in your post about the possibility of being pregnant even though you claim that you are scared. SO FOS!


GuitarJade - October 4

How does my post sound "excited" in any sense of the word? So, just because I'm not freaking out nor illiterate, I sound excited?


GuitarJade - October 4

And maybe you should keep your two sense to yourself... people like you are the reason that kids like me are afraid to ask for help.


HAHA - October 4



Daile - October 11

Jade, because you were off the pill for an entire week, it is very possible you could have gotten pregnant. When I was taking the pill, the doctor told me that if I missed two or more consecutive pills, I should begin using condoms for the next two weeks, just in case. It has something to do with the amount of the hormones in your body (which is why they say the pills don't start working til a week after you take them) so stopping could have serious side effects.


GuitarJade - October 13

Viv and Daile: Thanks so much for your help. I'm still not sure if I'm pregnant or not (I'm waiting to see if I get my period), but at least I know that there is definitely a possibility. Thanks again.


To Jade, - October 14

If you stil define yourself as a child at 18, then it shows you are no way near mature enough to handle a baby. - October 14



GuitarJade - October 14

"Kids" was used as a broad term to describe most of the people on this site, considering it is a forum for teenage pregnancy. There are many who come here who are exactly that... kids. I may only be 18 but at least I'm mature enough to not come on here and bad mouth those who are truely asking for help. If you're not here to help, maybe you should find another hobby.



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