Birth Control Problem

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na - October 20

my girl friend just started taking birth control about a week and a half ago. It said that we would be protected after a week. last night she took her pill at 9 as usual, but drank alot afterwards and threw up around 1130. will we be protected this weekend?????


CAROL - October 20

I'd use a condom, just in case.


Helpful - October 20

Normally when a female starts any type of birth control, you should always wait at least a month for her body to get used to it to, i.e., use a condom every time during that month. Also, in order to be extra careful, you should always use a backup form of birth control such as a spermicide or a condom every time even past the one month period.


ellie - October 20

You are protected after 7 days, but since she threw up, no you are not now. You should use condoms for the next 7 days, especially as she's only just really begun taking it.


Helpful - October 20

Ellie is correct that after seven days you are technically protected against pregnancy, but almost all doctors will let you know to use a back up for a month to be sure that the pill is completly in your system. ***Here's some info that may be useful******** When starting BCPs, it will take 7 days for the pill to become effective at preventing pregnancy. You will need to use a second method of contraception during these 7 days. We recommend using condoms. In fact, we recommend using condoms consistently with BCPs to protect against s_xually transmitted infections. Remember that BCPs offer no protection from acquiring STIs. Be aware that your first and last active pills are the most important pills in your pack. Being late starting your next pack or forgetting your last active pill will lengthen the time off the active pills. Lengthening this pill-free interval can allow your body to ovulate. Try to plan carefully when you need to start or purchase your next pack. Remember your pills when you go away for weekends or vacations. To help you remember to take your pill every day, it is useful to link taking your pill with some daily activity like brushing your teeth or eating a certain meal. Some women set a watch alarm to go off as a reminder. Each morning check your pack to make sure you took yesterday's pill.



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