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halogirl13.5 - October 31

Im 13 1/2 and I hope not to get pregnant for a couple of years. My bf and and I are having s_x. According toy bf if we have oral s_x and I lick all the sperm of his disck I will not get pregnant. Two of his friends have knocked up their girls using condoms, they broke or fell of and the girls end up full of sperm and pregnant. When I turned 13 my mom had the s_x talk with me and told me she got pregnant with me when she was 16 and that was a good age to have a baby if I wanted to have one. We talked about birth control and she showed me her pills. Here it is six month later and guess what my mom is 14 weeks pregnant. Mom's bf lives with us and she said she must have missed a pill. She is happy and will keep the baby. She even told me it would be cool if we were pregnant together . I want to get the nuva ring so I can't forget to take my pill but my bf wants to use the sucking method . But twice he has c_mmed inside of me while we were having s_x. He thinks it would cool if I accidently get pregnant. He hope my mom would let him live in our house if i get pregnant . I need to know what is the best birth control method besides no s_x as I enjoy s_x and want to sleep with my bf.


halogirl13.5 - October 31

Please answer my questions as I don't want to be pregnant until im 16 or older.


Grandpa Viv - November 1

I answered in the General section, but you give more detail here. Your mom is not doing the parenting thing well, and perhaps was not well parented herself. I expect the boyfriend is in the same boat. If you want to enjoy the next 60 years of your life, your plan to avoid pregnancy for a few more years is on the right track. You might even decide to extend that by another ten years. Please get a grip on your s_x life. No more p___s anywhere near the v____a without a condom, anytime. Make your mom keep you supplied, as the bf seems too selfish to care. The safest time for s_x is in the week before your period comes. In your situation perhaps the Depo-Provera shot is your best plan. Google that. You can likely get it at your county Health Department. GL!


Krissy25 - November 1

I do not condone a 13 y/o having s_x, but since it's the decision you have made i'll try and answer your question the best i can. I think the best thing for you to do is for you, your mom and your bf to go to planned parenthood and find out what the best options are for you, AND IT IS NOT THE "SUCKING" METHOD. I guarentee if that continues to be your birth control method you will very likely end up pregnant. Also no matter what birth control method you choose (the pill, depo shot etc..) your bf should always wear a condom as well. There is a good chance his friends were not wearing them properly or they were being stored in less than ideal conditons or they were expired. This would be another thing to talk about at planned parenthood, how to properly put on a condom. And please consider this, most women are fertile until their mid to late 30's and some even into their early 40's, You have plenty of time to have a baby, please reconsider trying for one while you are a teenager. I could probably write 10 paragraphs on why it's a good idea to wait. Bottom line though it's so much better if your finish your education first and become financially independent from your parents.


SmartyPants - November 8

Kay. At 13, you're still a baby yourself, and you shouldn't be having s_x to begin with. I mean, gross. You've probably only just started to develop. And you boyfriend? A retard. And so is your mom for telling you that it'd be fun to get pregnant as a teen. 16 Is NOT a good age to have a baby. At least finish school, unless you really wanna be a waitress for the rest of your life. Seriously? I read this and wanted to be sick. Get a brain, kid.


halogirl13.5 - December 29

UPDATE I have been using the ring for a month and no baby. DF does no that I am on the ring he can feel it during s_x and I let him release inside me every time we have s_x. He wants me to get pregnant so bad it all he talks about is being a daddy to our baby. He think that my mom will let him move into my bedroom when I get pregnant. My mom and her BF are living together and are excited that she is knocked up according to her BF. Mom's not so excited during her morning sickness. Glad I'm not pregnant


deedee5657 - December 30

wow your mom seems really foolish sweetie your to young to be having s_x for one but also sucking your bf p___s is not a good idea its also not lady like an it doesnt make you have a good luck as a female you have a mind of your own dont let your mom or your boyfriend influence you to do those things practice safe s_x if not no s_x at all cause your too young to mess up your life


confusednconcerned - January 1

ok i'm sorry but 13? are you freaking kidding me?! thst is waaaaay too young to be having s_x! and how old is your boyfriend? i am not one to judge because i am 17 and suspecting pregnancy due to faulty contraception, but i am also in my graduating year and engaged. your mom's heart is in the right place, however your boyfriend's is not. your mom needs to get a clue though because she shouldnt be telling her 13 year old daughter it would be fun to be pregnant together, and also encouraging pregnancy at 16. i know a few people who were/are teenaged mothers and did/are doing really good jobs, but i also know others who are extremely immature and selfish and stupid. the stupid ones go out partying and drinking while they are still b___st feeding their babies that are only a few months old. you should tell your boyfriend if he really loves you and really wants a baby bad enough he will wait, because it would be better for you him and the future baby to. hopefully you listen to these wise words from us. good luck on whatever you choose though.


XoXo8768 - January 2

use the nuva ring or the depo shot. so you cant forget a pill. your mom has an intresting parenting style. you have your whole life ahead of you to enjoy without havin a baby on your hip.your onlii 13.5 jus make sure he wraps it up && properly.take care



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