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babyluftblasenontheway - January 28

Birth Story Well I woke up after almost a completely sleepless night. We got to the hospital at 7:50 am, we did my paperwork. They brought me back, got me all set up in bed, did my i.v. and vitals. They started me on the pictocin at about 9:00 almost. They said I was already contracting a little before they started me on it though. My dad stopped by to check on me before he went to work. My boyfriend’s grandma and her boyfriend came up. Tony and Laura came in and we talked and ect. My contractions started getting stronger around 10:00, and they broke my water around 10:30ish. Boy did that feel weird! After my water was the contractions started becoming a little more strong and nearer together. They started getting worried because my blood pressure was going up and down. By the time my boyfriend came back from picking friends up and eating, I was feeling the contractions and starting to dial ate a little. I started off at 2cm, moved my way up to 3 after my water broke, and stayed there for a few hours. Then I asked for meds through my i.v. and I went up to like a 4, and I started getting more effaced. I ate lots of Popsicles while waiting lol. I was so hungry! I tried to eat before I went to the hospital but my nerves wouldn’t let me. I started getting back labor and my contractions were really starting to get horrible. So the doc came in, checked me out I was 5 cm and about 60% effaced. So I waited for a little bit, my blood pressure got better, they did a few labs on me. Then the doc for the epi came in. I was sooo happy lol. He numbed me up, which hurt like h__l. I felt the first few needles, and then my back finally went numb. I could feel a needle or the catherder or something touching my spine the whole time though. Once that epi kicked in I was A LOT happier! I was having strong contractions every few minutes and just couldn’t even feel them. I got the epidural around… 4:30- 5ish. After the epidural I first went to 7/8 cm. waited for about…oh a half an hour forty minutes and around 6 I was 10cm and started feeling that pressure. So the doc checked me and said well it’s just about time, but we want to see if your body tries to push him out a little more naturally, then we will start pushing. So I started pushing around 6:30. They numbed me for the epistonomy (spelling?) and it didn’t work! I could feel them cutting me. I screamed at the doctor when he asked if I was numb. I was like “NO I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING!” I pushed for about a half an hour and little Dallas Andrew was born at 7:18 pm on January 25th, 2007. He is 6 lbs 15 oz, 19 ¼ cm, 36.5 cm head, and 34 cm chest. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. He looks so much like my boyfriend, but with my black hair. He has so much hair! He was so awake and observant when I was holding him right after! He was looking alllll around and sucking on his fingers, and I think I even got a smile out of him. Tony and Laura came in and held him, and got pictures and ect. Grandma came in and got her pictures and held him and everything. Dbf wasn’t ready to hold him yet. I think he was a little overwhelmed because of Tony and Laura and just everything. Then everyone left, they took Dallas to the nursery, and the nurse helped me get cleaned up. Then we moved me to my room. I ate, watched some TV, and made calls. I tried to sleep as much as I could. I went to bed around midnight, woke up at 1am to go to the bathroom and get some pain meds. Then I woke up again at 5 to talk to the nurse, do my vitals, and talk to the doctor. Then I just decided to stay awake. I had them bring Dallas in around 9 or 10. He was so good. He almost never cries, and when he does cry it’s because he needs something, or he is sleepy. He fell asleep in my arms, I just watched him for about an hour. He amazes me, I was just in awe that we made this, and he came out of me. I had them bring him back to the nursery so I could eat. Eric came later on, I had Dallas come back down, and he held him and we got more pictures, and everything. Leaving was definitely the hardest part. I broke down, which I knew that was going to happen. I got an email from the parents about his first night at home. He did really good, only cried when he needed something. This is just so hard…I want him home with me. I know it’s just so close to impossible, but my hormones are just getting the best of me. My mil comes home soon, and I guess she was making mean comments about the adoption to my bf on the phone this morning. So if she says anything to me when she gets back, I am just going to walk out. I am not going to take her mouth. She acts like this isn’t hard for me at all, because I have never shown my emotions about it to her really. Idk. Well there is my birth story; there are pics of him on my piczo and myspace. I will have more pictures soon. Thank you all for the support and love, I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Luftblasen


abriamiacadia - January 28

I'm so sorry. I'm glad you got pictures and got to hold him. You know it doesnt hafta be permanent. You said so your self in the other post. Just hang in there it an open adoption or just a regular one?


lil-miss-saunders - January 28

Congratulations Luftblasen! I just want to say i respect you so much for what you have done! You must be very strong minded! Dont look at it as a sad moment ... look at it as the beginning of something so special! I know you must be having all sorts of emotions running through your head at the minute but things will get better! x


babyluftblasenontheway - January 28

open adoption. and it is permanent, I am not doing foster care, it would be to confusing for everyone.


trixiebee - January 28

I'm a heckuva lot older than you, and pretty sure I've "been around the block" so to speak, alot more than you have. But your maturity, your grace, and your braveness make me incredibly proud of you. You have given your child the most beautiful gift, and I admire you a great deal. I tend to read these teen posts and shake my head at the stupidity or drop my jaw in fear. You are the exception to that. You amaze me with your grace. Signed..... some internet stranger ;-)


SaraH - January 28

babyluftblasenontheway, Congratulations and I'm glad to hear all went well w/ the delivery. I must also agree w/ lil-miss-saunders and trixiebee. You're decision to give the baby up for adoption is amazing and deserves a lot of respect. I'm sure it is difficult here to start w/ but I'm so glad you decided to do something wonderful for both your child and the couple who has him. It is great that it could be an open adoption and that you will get the chance to see him from time to time. I'm also glad that you realize that it is permanent as there are many ppl who decided to "change their mind" and that leads to all kind of problems. When you make a decision such as this and sign your name on the paperwork it is vital that you stick to it for both the childs sake and for the sake of everyone else involved, as court battles and such are not healthy for anyone. Again I think that what you've done deserves a lot of respect and as trixie said, coming from the perspective of someone who is a bit older then you, I have to say your braveness and maturity make me very proud of you. Good luck w/ the emotional and physical healing you are currently going through. Lots of hugs and prayers to help you through it. ~Sarah


jodie - January 28

Congrats!!! You are such an amaizing delivered the luckiest little boy!!!


Brittany - January 28

I agree with these girls, your son is so lucky and has the best mom ever who made such a tough but beautiful decision for his future. I know I always say this but your such a strong woman! He is going to have such a great life because of you and open adoption is awesome because you'll still be able to see pictures and know that he is ok and happy, thats great, best wishes!!


EricaLynn - January 29

I cannot imagine the feelings that are rushing through you right now. I can tell you though that you have given so much to so many. You have made a family out of a couple. You have given a huge gift to your child and the new parents. You should also take comfort in knowing that he would not be who he is without you. You created him and gave him love for your whole pregnancy. Congratulations and I hope you get to see him sometimes!


Steph - January 29

You had a beautiful little guy!! I think that you made the most selfless decision ever -- I think that it's wonderful that you are having an open adoption....seeing pictures and knowing how he is doing will be great for you. :o) I hope that you get through these first few weeks with tons of courage and strength. Good luck!


AyameLovesXion - January 29

You're amazing... I could never do what you did. Really.. I have such high respect for you. I'd change my mind in a heartbeat..


ash2 - February 1

You are such a brave women. I know you are just wanting to scream on the inside, but i would be lying if i said it will all be alright. You will always feel an emptiness in your heart, but knowing that you did the best for your little one will help. You gave a couple a family. May i ask why you gave him up ? Was it financial ? or just being so young ? I am so sorry to hear about your sadness, but you are the only person that knows what you are able to handle. good luck , and trust your instincts.....


babyluftblasenontheway - February 4

mostly financial, I want to do so much, school, and ect, but after holding him in my arms I would give all that up if I had the money, car, and apartment, just to have him back


AyameLovesXion - February 5

Then do it hun, it's YOUR baby, you're allowed to have your baby. It's OK to want your baby. And you can still do all that


vicky9989 - February 5

Your an amazing girl, but dont feel like its too late to change your mind. xx


djh - February 5

Stay are an absolutely AMAZING human being, I wish more people made such a loving, selfLESS decsion. The old saying about love being all a baby needs is not true, the practical world says sometimes it is better for the baby to do what you have done and you and the baby's father are heroes in my eyes. You gave the gift of a lifetime to others; you gave your baby life and you gave his parents the most wonderful gift of all. God Bless you sweetie!


Rhiannon - February 6

The world definitely needs more people like you.



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