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babyxrawrz - May 14

me and my boyfriend had s_x on April 29th and May 3rd, over the past few weeks i've been feeling sick to my stomach, not throwing up or anything.. just really sensitive. yesterday we had s_x and i started bleeding a little, and i never have before.. it was weird because he wasn't being rough at all. but can the bleeding during s_x be a symptom of pregnancy? Ive tried looking on other websites and all i keep getting is " bleeding WHILE pregnant" so i dont even know if I am, i just wana know if it could possibly be symptom.. maybe one of you's would have some ideas :]


Grandpa Viv - May 15

When was your last full-b__wn period? If it was at the beginning of April, then there is a possibility you are 7 weeks pregnant. Do you have no other signs to report - tired, appet_te, lotion discharge, peeing more, smells, fav. foods, backache, b___bs and nips different, dreams, emotions, lightheaded moments? Take a test this weekend to check it out. Dollar Store test and first morning pee should be fine. Good luck!


babyxrawrz - May 15

No, April 20th. My b___bs do hurt alot when i have my bra on.. Today i came home n cried for no reason, lol.. so idkk i dont wana a__sume im experiencing pregnancy symptoms and worry myself.. but it just scared me when i bled a little.


Grandpa Viv - May 16

So your next period is due May 20th and you had s_x May 3, the day before ovulation! Was it unprotected? You have a 30% chance of pregnancy right there. You can discount any signs before last weekend. May 13th you have something that could be implantation spotting. Now you have the often heard complaint "cried for no reason" and you have unusually sensitive b___bs. Your next period is due May 18th? Take a test when a normal period is late, and repeat a week later if needed, Dollar Store will be fine. It would not surprise me if you got a positive. Add me as ppowb on AIM or Yahoo if you want. Good luck!



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