Bleeding After Sex How Long Is Too Long

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amanda17 - March 4

Hey everyone. I had s_x 4 days ago and it was a bit more painful than usual. It felt like I was tearing, and no surprise, I started spotting right afterwards. But the thing is.. I'm STILL spotting and my va___a still stings. I've never bled for longer than 45 minutes after s_x. Not the first time postpartum, nor the first time period. So I'm wondering if it's normal for it to continue on for this long? Also my period is due sometime around now so the spotting could be because of that, but it wouldn't explain why it still stings?


V9653 - March 5

This is a hard one-I mean it depends on sooo much. Like for example, is the spotting from an outer region or is it coming straight from inside your v____a. That difference could help explain it. Also the stinging could be a tear that you did more than tear or that you keep irritating every time you wipe. A recommendation for the stinging would be to invest in some of those wipes (which I don't know if the hospital gave them to you when you had the little one because I don't know if you ended up needing st_tches) but it's just Tucks pads-you know the stuff for hemorroids. The fact is that if you tore something or got dry and rubbed something raw then it needs moisture and healing because dry wiping will do nothing but irritate it more, so patting dry or even spritzing instead of wiping like your supposed to do after baby and maybe patting yourself with a tucks or kind of wedging one in the area and letting it stay there for a little while will help ease it. As for the bleeding, it could be from your period if it's coming from inside of you or even you may have irritated your cervix. The thing is, if you were having rough s_x (and forgive me for anything that might embarra__s you) you have to take the positions and the positions of your cervix throughout your cycle into consideration. If you were having rough s_x and your near time for your period then it's not a surprise if you did irritate your cervix because this time of the month it would be lower and drier. So hard banging would dry you out and youd be banging right up against it! Also, if you had to have st_tches and the irritation is in the same place where they were, you are going to have to start keeping the lube around because that piece of skin will never be the same and it will cause you problems. I know the area where I had st_tches makes me feel a lot tighter so anything forceful causes a little tearing there because the meat is less pliable I guess you could say or doesn't stretch out of the way as well. Uggghhhh sorry for the gory details-just trying to lay everything out! But all in all, in the future you may need to stop and say "oil change" and re-lube up so you don't have that problem. LOL!


amanda17 - March 5

Thanks V, I think the bleeding is external. It's kind of hard to tell though. Usually when my cervix is irritated the blood is a little darker than if I was bleeding externally. The blood I'm experiencing is light pink. I have some Tucks left over from Ellie's birth, I'll try to use those to see if I can sooth the stinging. I looked down there and I didn't see anything noticeably torn. I'm still bleeding but it's almost gone so I think I'll be alright. It's still fairly uncomfortable though. Why would I tear, anyway? It's not like his p___s has changed size since we last had s_x?


guccigal87 - March 5

weeeeellll here i come with my advice, haha the stinging is because it could be ripped, but usually its just an irration that happens when you have rough s_x... I JUST GAVE THIS SPEACH TO A TEEN THE OTHER DAY! HAHA DEJAVU! anyways when you have rougher s_x when you havent had rough s_x in a while it irratates the skin, the light pink blood is from rubbing and friction, nothing to be worred about light pink is not a bad color for blood, the light means that its more like a bum rash around your v____a, you also get it with hemmroids when you itch them.. anyways if you put a little polysp___n on the area that is burning it will clear up but it takes a while because there are lots of bacteria around that area, also rough s_x can make your period come a little sooner because it sorta i guess loosens things up more so if you are a few days away you will start a little sooner.


amanda17 - March 5

Thanks gucci. I don't know what polysp___n is? Would tucks work just as well since I have them on hand? My v____a was definitely dry and irritated so I took V's advice and patted with tucks, which made it feel much better.


guccigal87 - March 6

lol ok what is tucks, i have no idea! ploysp___n is an antibacterial ointment and it moistens the skin as well, from what your telling me it sounds like a "rug burn" as we like to call it HAHAHA so as long as tucks is a healing antibiotic thats fine, even diaper cream can work since i know you have a baby i never thought to tell you that! haha


amanda17 - March 6

LOL rug The bleeding and stinging has stopped, and the irritated skin is better. Tucks are these pads my hospital gave me after I gave birth. To tell you the truth I'm not even sure what they do. My grandma uses them and I really, really don't want to know why because she hasn't had a baby in a good 40 years hahaha


guccigal87 - March 7

well when you get older you get a dry v____al and its irrating and itchy and if you scratch to much it bleeds, im a__suming thats what she uses them for.. but im glad to hear your rug burn is better!! hows the s_x life? getting better too im amusing if you have rug burn haha


amanda17 - March 7

Haha yeah it's much better now. Pretty much back to the way it used to be. I say pretty much because with a baby it's impossible to get it back to how it used to be haha. Yep things are good :)


V9653 - March 10

Tucks is usually used for hemorroids. It has witch hazel or something natural of the sort that helps with swelling, itching, and irritation. The reason they use it after you've given birth is because it's perfect for those moist tissues like around your a__s or v____a, that get irritated, swollen, or torn and it's perfect because you can't use things like alcohol or the same antibacterial ointments that you'd use on a cut finger on those tissues.


guccigal87 - March 10

hahaha YAY FOR s_x!! OMG im glad you guys are good again.... see just takes a little bit and and some seriously good information from us girls on different s_x moves! LOL and yea with the baby is hard but it gets easier with that too.... i think now that austin i older we have s_x WAY MORE OFTEN! we can even put on barney and be like go watch tv mommy and daddy need to sleep HAHAHA ohhh that tucks sounds good then! i wonder why we dont have it up here!


amanda17 - March 10

OMGGGGGGGG okay I have the best boyfriend in the world, seriously. Today out of nowhere he got me a pink fuzzy teddy bear and a note that said "Take this gift as a reminder of my love and affection for you. xoxo." I was like AWW goddd how cuteeeeee. He's totally getting some :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D hahahaha



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