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midnight_drift - May 12

Does anyone here have any myths of things you can do to "make" it a boy or a girl? I will be happy with either, but I'd really like a boy. So lemme know just so I can try? lol. Thanks everyone. (2 and a half months.)


corinne - May 12

wow I can't believe your already that far along. The only thing I know is that the moment you concieve the babies genetics and dna is starting to create your baby and that moment the s_x of the baby is determined. Strange but true. I had a dream that i was having a girl and did. So if you have any dreams of a s_x then that's probably what your going to have. Good luck,


corinne - May 12

Also your right about the heart beat um. I figured it this way if the heartbeat is between 120-140 then its a boy and if its between 140-160 then its a girl.


Emma2 - May 12

You cant make anything out of old wives tales! The onl ything that makes a baby boy/girl is the sperm ! The childs s_x is determined at conception ....Go ahead and try whatever non sense you'd like but wont give you what you want just by wishing for it. You have a 50% chance of having either ..>Good ODDS huh?


In_Denial - May 12

Yes Emma2 is right, scientifically explaining it, your eggs eatch contain and X chromosome and the sperm contain eithier a X or a Y. If you get XX then its a girl, if its XY its a boy but theres no way to tell which one you got or to make the chances for one or the other better, sorry...


Mommy - May 12

Both my kids' heartbeat was up in the 150-160s and they are both boys. Also, I carried high both times. The guy controls the gender. And dreams are not usually a good indicator of what you are having...I dreamed I was pregnant with kittens, triplets, twins, and girls/boys. (No offense Corrine.)


EricaLynn - May 13

OMG Mommy I dreamed I was pregnant with a litter of kittens the other night!! Thats so weird, Im glad Im not the only one.


midnight_drift - May 15

I know all the genetics information, I just wanted to know if there were any of those old stupid things just to TELL or things that say you do. I mean I know that at the moment of conception the baby's s_x is chosen, I have taken too many cla__ses to know better lol. I just wanted to so I could have something fun to do during the day lol. Thanks for the information though! And yes Emma, I like the odds lol. The funny thing, is that I deamt I had a girl, but it was a boy, something weird like that, so I don't really know what to think. Like, the baby looked like a boy, but they said it was a girl, or something. But that's all I remember, and that I said as I held my baby, "You're so beautiful!" X_X!!!!! Meh I wish I had a more definite dream, but I haven't. I don't even know if that was the way it was around!



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